Opposition Called to Embrace Besigye-Bobi Wine Government Alliance

Kawempe North Legislator Latif Ssebagala has called upon opposition supporters to stop bickering and embrace the newly announced alliance between ‘People Power’ and Rtd. Col Kizza Besigye’s ‘People’s Government.’

Besigye and Bobi Wine this week announced a joint campaign against government and also hinted on further cooperation in the coming general elections.

While a considerable number of their followers have welcomed this development, Ssebagala says it is unfortunate that others have instead ridiculed it.

Speaking on a Pearl Radio Talk Show on Wednesday, he said that such criticism was undesirable at a time when the country is yearning for change.

“There might be criticism on social media but these voices are undesirable. What we need today is moving together, working together and trying to see whether we can collectively fight as oppressed citizens,” Ssebagala pointed out.

“You should be happy that there is some progress and start supporting these developments which are aimed at solidifying our unity.”

As such, he asked those who did not understand what exactly transpired on Monday to seek clarity from their respective principals.

“If you belong to FDC and did not understand what took place, go and ask your President General Mr. Patrick Amuriat or President of People’s Government Col. Kizza Besigye. If you belong to People Power and did not understand what exactly happened, kindly reach Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu or any of our leaders,” Ssebagala added.


Asked to comment on the absentia of other opposition parties notably, Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) and Democratic Party (DP), Ssebagala said it was a matter of time.

“Bobi Wine has been meeting Mugisha Muntu on this very issue. Mugisha Muntu has time and again emphasized unity and he has been meeting Norbert Mao,” he revealed.


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