Opposition Announce Red Week Ahead of Age Limit Bill Tabling

Opposition in Parliament has announced a massive countrywide campaign against the removal of age limit bill which is currently before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of Parliament.

In a press conference addressed by opposition leaders including Roland Muguma Kagina, Muwanga Kivumbi, Francis Mwijukyi, Kasibante Moses, Sewungu Joseph Gonzaga, Lattif Sebagala and Robina Sentongo; the group revealed that the new campaign will run for a week ahead of tabling of the committee report.

“This country is going to be painted red and General Kale Kayihura (Inspector General of Police) can’t stop the wind that is going to blow in the country,” said Kivumbi.

The legislators invited the constituents, to use the time to make calls to their representatives warning them against voting in favor of the bill.

The voters were also called upon to dress in red for the whole week and to parade along Parliament Avenue to face off with their legislators as they enter Parliament to debate the bill.

The committee which is currently in a retreat to consider a report on the bill after meeting a number of witnesses is expected to table the report next week on Tuesday 12th December 2017, when the Parliament returns for plenary sittings.

“All Ugandans will be dressing in red attire; thousands of electorates will visit all MPs living in Kampala and Wakiso not to harm them but rather to lobby them to drop the controversial constitutional amendment bill 2017

“Parliament will be met with a crowd of voters ahead of the anticipated sitting,” Muwanga Kivumbi said.


Meanwhile, the Opposition MPs accused their NRM counterparts of fronting the controversial Bill in order to have their tenure extended by two years.

Commenting on a proposal by several NRM legislators to increase the term of office to seven years, Kivumbi termed it as diversionary.

“These people are simply being diversionary; these are cheats because none of them consulted their voters on having their term extended. They have realized their ground can’t hold, they are simply realizing they are going to lose. Let them be truthful to their voters,” Kivumbi said.

Roland Mugume as well warned the IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura that he should not move to fail their campaigns since he is a civil servant who should serve all Ugandans equally.

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