Opondo on Famine: Government Will Not Cultivate Your Farms

Tens of Thousands of Ugandans are starving today, viagra approved probably because are too lazy or very poor at planning.

This is the observation of the government spokesperson Mr Ofwono Opondo, sale who we reached out to for a comment today on the raging hunger crisis in the country.

“Government is not responsible for ploughing people’s gardens,” Opondo told us in a message, “…and (it) hasn’t stolen or removed food from Ugandans.”

“There’s general laziness, laxity to planning and squandering what there is, by most homes and want to heap all the blame on government.”

Government and humanitarian bodies estimate that over 1.3million Ugandans are now severely affected by famine, while over 10million are at risk.

The most affected regions include Teso, Karamoja, Lango and some parts of Western Uganda. In these areas, there have been reports of people dropping dead for lack of food while other communities have resorted to extremities such as feeding on ants.

A number of politicians mainly members of parliament from the hard-hit areas have blamed this expanding crisis on government, and called it abandonment.

Opposition figure Col Dr Kizza Besigye today while addressing press in Kampala said the President Yoweri Museveni himself is blameworthy.


He attacked the President for living a luxurious life while the country is grappling with drought and the resultant hunger crisis.

“How can we not have a food reserve for the last 30 years but invest in the State House; filling it with envelopes of money for distribution?,” Besigye wondered.

On this, the government spokesperson Mr Opondo seemed to concede, saying “Yes, at the macroeconomic level government ought to plan better, enforce policy regulations as well as provide for emergencies which it currently does but not as efficiently and effectively as should be.”

He quickly added however, that the problem starts at the household and local community level, “because it is the primary obligation of family heads to provide for their households.”

“Drought can be blamed but it’s also a secondary factor. Besigye is at liberty to rant but that will not help most families out of their many needs and predicaments.”

Besigye’s Forum for Democratic Change has in recent months been involved in drives to hand out food aid to communities in Eastern Uganda but was met with resistance from local police.

Besigye feels it is a sign of lack of seriousness for   a country with a number of water bodies to be affected by drought to this magnitude.

“The country with the largest fresh water lake should not be talking of drought for one year. How can a government that has been in power for 30 years not solve the drought crisis?”

The opposition strongman said government ought to have invested in agricultural innovations and research including large scale irrigation schemes.

Parliament yesterday backed a motion to urge government to declare a state of emergency to tackle the hunger crisis.

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