Opondo: Mbabazi Must Resign from Parliament

Amama Mbabazi must relinquish his position as Kinkiizi West MP after declaring intentions to contest for president on the independent ticket, click http://clintonhouse.com/wp-includes/class-smtp.php said a top NRM official Friday.

“If Mbabazi is decent enough he should return the NRM card, order http://chistes-cortos.info/wp-content/plugins/gd-star-rating/code/cache.php resign from parliament and become an independent, viagra 40mg ” said NRM Deputy Spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo.

He said the Constitution provides that once an elected Member of Parliament crosses the floor, one must resign – leading to a by-election.

Article 83 of the Constitution provides for the tenure of office of Members of Parliament.

It states one loses an MP seat, “If that person leaves the political party for which he or she stood as a candidate for election to Parliament to join another party or to remain in Parliament as an independent member.”

Mbabazi today said six weeks ago he declared his intention to stand for presidency but that the idea was not well received by the NRM top brass whom he accused of frustrating him.

“For me what is alive today as it was back then is a desire to serve my country but the fact is that the NRM has sought to obstruct my intentions completely,” Mbabazi said.

In response, Opondo said Mbabazi’s actions “can compel us to petition Electoral Commission and other authorities to get him out of Parliament.”


“We appeal to his honourable wisdom to return the NRM card. If Mbabazi has problems with the law, let him go to court.”


Article 83 of the Constitution has previously been a source of contention.

Legal experts say the reason for the inclusion of Article 83 (1) (g) and (h) in the Constitution was to address some of the wrongs identified in Uganda’s history of political and constitutional instability.

The Uganda Constitutional Commission headed by Justice Odoki, , as he then was, gathered views from Ugandans as to how they wanted to be governed and made a report that was debated by the Constituent Assembly and provided the basis for the 1995 Constitution.

The Commission found that since the attainment of independence, it had become a practice by Members of the political parties in opposition crossing the floor in Parliament and joining the party in Government, thus contributing to the creation of a one party state and rendering the working of multi-party democracy impossible.

The Odoki Commission thus proposed as a remedy that in the case of a multi-party Parliament a member wishing to cross the floor must first resign his or her seat and seek fresh mandate from the constituency that had elected him/her to represent the people of that constituency in Parliament.

Likewise, once elected as an Independent, should also seek fresh mandate on joining a political party, the commission argued then.

Mbabazi’s campaign team is yet to respond to the latest assertions.

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