Opinion: NRM Must Focus On Service Delivery And Implement Its Manifesto Than Fighting People Power And Honorable Robert  Kyagulanyi

By Peter Marco

For the past year and months People Power and its front man Honourable Robert  Kyagulanyi AKA Bobi Wine has raised eyebrows in the corridors of power in Uganda, his charismatic and celebrity status have taken many Ugandans by storm, turning the tables upside down in all corners of the Country.

This has made many to see him as the Political Challenger to NRM hold on power and the continued leadership of President Museveni 32 years rule being threatend by the young Kyadondo East Legislator. Make no mistake the youthful Member of Parliament has inspired many youth in the Country, his Political reach is beyond any Opposition Party or individual who as challenged the NRM Party in the last few years.

With his charming ways and youthful talk, he has created a base of followers in many urban areas in the Country, this has made the ruling party to focus on him and abandon its manifesto and principles

I do believe that Honourable Kyagulanyi does have adoring fans and supporters, but NRM Party under President Museveni has done more and many to come by moving Uganda from point 1 to point 2.

It’s upon NRM Party leaders and supporters to market the good policies of the party and its Chairman which are visible for everyone to see. NRM must stop in their attempt or plan to undermine People Power and its followers, but focus on the task ahead and this is to implement its manifesto and mandate that was given to the party in the last election

The NRM party/government must go back to the basics by outlining their achievements to the masses and its future plans to the Country.

In President Museveni NRM does have a good leader and a goodwill which is next to no one at this moment of time, why not market his achievement and policies, such as the Road network, Water project, Youth livelihood, Electricity project, Security and Defence, Economic growth, Tourism, Fighting land eviction and Fighting Corruption etc.


The onus is on NRM leaders to implement government policies and work while marketing the President than fighting People Power or others. I therefore call upon NRM leaders to shine by talking about the party achievements to the voters and monitoring government programmes around the Country.    Discussing Honourable Kyagulanyi on talk show does not promote the party or build the economy.

NRM must address matters and issues that bring People Power; this will increase on the party powerbase in rural areas and other parts of the Country. Service delivery must be at the forefront of the party and outlining the party achievements in past years must be explained.


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