OPINION: Is Mental Health in Work Places Indispensable Now More Than Before?

The year 2020 may have dealt many of us with unexpected blows. The uncertainties and various occurrences have no doubt led to a rise in several cases of mental illness. It’s important to ensure that amidst the different pressures in a given work place, the mental health of your staff is prioritized.

Team work indeed makes the dream work and if the team is healthy mentally, one will definitely have a result oriented team. Most organizations have been looking at the different ways they will bounce back financially- post covid-19, forgetting the stability and mental health of their employees.

Do not get me wrong, while putting in the work is key, celebrating wins, team building are fundamental if the employer intends to have a wholesome team. Post COVID-19 will and still is a challenge for many especially since the economies have not yet picked up and several reports say it will take several years to recover that which was lost.

Work pressures have over the past months risen with salary and job cuts since most organizations are looking at the different ways they can sustain their operations whilst keeping their businesses afloat.

The uncertainty surrounding the decisions made by several employers has left several employees unstable and with added worries. The welfare and mental state of the employees is very important.

While speaking with the Human Resources and Administration Manager MUA Insurance, Evelyn Lwanga, she revealed that the second most important thing to them after their clients is the wellbeing of their employees.

“Let’s face it, if our employees are not in good physical and mental shape, their performance is hindered in a way or two and this would return to bite us,” Lwanga said.

In the past week, a video went viral on Facebook and Instagram that showed employees of MUA Insurance celebrate MUA Day, a day very significant to the organization.


In a challenge dubbed “Jerusalema Challenge” the Mauritius based insurance company had their staff in the different countries take part. Without a doubt, the Ugandan branch had a field day as they all enjoyed each other’s company as seen from the chemistry they had in their dance video challenge shared on their social media platforms.

Things like taking part in simple challenges on social media, celebrating staff birthdays as well as celebrating the organization’s small and big wins are some of the simplest ways of keeping your employees in check while boosting their performance.

In the long run, such activities also reduce on chances of employees getting burnt out.

Team building activities are necessary to develop a bond that is not limited to the office space. Employers can also use such opportunities to grow their teams with talks from relevant speakers that would speak into their health habits, financial literacy, and general wellbeing.

Apart from teaching us that we do not necessarily need to have face to face meetings in order for business to go on rather we should adapt normalizing the use of online meeting tools and applications, 2020 has proven to be a year that challenges most employers and employees to think out of the box especially when it comes to services and products that they offer.

Avoid getting burnt out during the process because it surely hinders creativity in a way or two.

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