Opinion: Increase Awareness About Climate Change Among Youth

By Charles Masereka Yoronimu

The world has in recent days experienced catastrophic events, generic ranging from floods, drought, all as a result of climate change.

Climate change is the general change in the earth’s climate patterns, usually characterized by increased atmospheric temperatures, changes in cloud cover, melting of ice caps and glaciers.

It is mainly caused by greenhouse gas emissions from burning of fossil oils, fuels and poor land use practices that cause the earth’s surface temperatures to rise.

The prolonged and severe drought have caused severe water shortages, leading to loss of animals, low production of milk, food insecurity, increased food prices and generally negative effects on the economy.

With the forthcoming Conference of the Parties (COP22) in Marrakech, it is a call to act. COP runs under the call that “Parties should protect the climate system for the benefit of present and future generations on the basis of equity and in accordance with their common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities.”

Several initiatives have been adopted to curb climate change and save the planet. In most of these initiatives however, the world’s biggest population composition, the youth have been left out in efforts intended to curb this challenge, which has slowed down economic growth of the key sectors across the globe.

During a survey in Jinja conducted by Youth Agriculturalists Fraternity and YAFRA Green Initiative, of the number of Youth interviewed, 70 percent pointed at the fact that they do not know what climate change is and what impacts it has on the economy.


The youth don’t realize that most of the activities they do actually cause climate change, they don’t realize that economic growth and climate change go hand in hand.

In several youth engagement sessions especially on entrepreneurship and business, the issue of climate change is not given due attention and yet these are good platforms to use to sensitize youth on this challenge.

Climate Change, if not tackled is likely to increase average temperatures by up to 1.5 degrees Celsius in the next 20 years.

Let us create platforms that will create awareness among youth about the causes, effects and control measures of climate change, if we are to save our planet and our generation.

Climate change is REAL and affects all of us. Just like you can’t miss celebrating that single day of Christmas every year, make it a habit not to miss planting a tree every time you have the chance.

The author is the Executive Director Youth Agriculturalists Fraternity/ YAFRA Green Initiative

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