OPINION: Inclusive Democracy Should not Discriminate on Age Basis

In the last few days, age limit talk has become a topic for almost every media house and political player.

However, I wish to put forward a few points as per the 75 age limit cap in our Constitution.

The framers of the 1995 Ugandan Constitution debated on age limit where section of legislators proposed to put presidential age limit between 35 and 75, where as others opposed the 75 years cap.

It’s said that among the legislators in Constituent Assembly that opposed the 75 years age cap in 1995 was Dr. Kizza Besigye, now FDC’s strongman, while among those that supported the age limit cap was fallen military officer, Brig.  Nobel Mayombo (RIP).

Finally, Mayombo’s side won.

In a democracy, every voice needs a fair hearing.

After 22 years, if a section of Ugandans feel that the age limit close needs to be revisited and debated let it be.

Question should be, is the right procedure being followed? Issues of Constitution amendment are handled by Parliament, the National Assembly.


In the Protestant church, it’s believed that when one dies baptized, before committing any sin, with no doubt, he is born again and so enters the Kingdom of God.

Likewise, in issues of Representation, it’s strongly believed that when one is elected to parliament by the majority of his/her constituents, no doubt, voices of citizenry are represented in the National Assembly.

Ugandans, in every age bracket are all Ugandans and with an equal share.

Importantly it should be what special things are being done by the generation to make it special and stand out from other generations.

It’s no doubt that young people are making a lot of strides in the social, political and economical transformation of our country, especially with the ever evolving Information Technology industry.

Old people have equally had an enormous contribution to our country, especially when we consider our past distorted history, now ably put on track by this group of people.

They have a stake. They have children and grandchildren they’ve heavily sacrificed for.

Democracy is a very simple game that calls for holistic understanding of things, especially for those that believe in true democracy.

Some people have realized their successes in their twenties while others have successfully become world class entrepreneurs in their sixties.

All generations matter! Let’s allow people to debate. Let’s allow our elected political leaders to navigate through these things.

After all, when an amendment passes, it caters every Ugandan; if it fails, it caters for whoever qualifies.

Eng. Ronad Angarukamu has interest in Politics, Policy and Advocacy


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