OPINION: Formation of Yoweri K. Museveni Study Groups

For a number of years now, some colleagues and I have been discussing the need for deliberate, intensive and continuous ideological work – as a critical compass in the transformation drive from backwardness to modernity.

We have been thinking about ideological work beyond the formal setting of Kyankwanzi, beyond the Patriotism Clubs,among others. We have been thinking about continuous ideological work – which is not a weekend, seminar or meeting side issue.

In our discussions in April 2020, we concluded that it is the duty of all Patriots to contribute to the formation, nurturing and multiplication of Ideology Study Groups – specifically to examine: the management of our society; the central national task of socio-economic transformation and its execution.

We also resolved to start a Center for Yoweri K. Museveni Study Groups. Our purpose under the Center, is to encourage and guide the formation and multiplication of Yoweri K. Museveni Study Groups everywhere in the country, and in the diaspora.

We are deliberately targeting young people, business people, entrepreneurs, the corporate class, the intelligentsia, the “fourth estate”, public servants, political leaders, community leaders – of all genders, generations and all political persuasions. We thereafter wrote to President Yoweri Museveni – requesting him to be our Patron and Guide.

We shall share more with wananchi about the Center for Yoweri K. Museveni Study Groups, in the coming weeks – including our Programs and Activities over the next 5 years. Suffice it to underline for now, that this is a modest but very serious effort of committed volunteers and patriots.

But why “Yoweri K. Museveni”? Why not? No less a person than the President in his treatise “The 11 Strategic Bottlenecks Facing Africa”, prioritizes the challenge of dealing with “Ideological Disorientation” – putting it in the first place ahead of: Interference with the Private Sector; Under-developed Infrastructure; Weak States among others.

He has never missed the opportunity to emphasize this, and has delivered papers specifically on ideology and strategy, to various audiences.


His entire life’s work, additionally, eloquently demonstrates the centrality of ideological clarity in the struggle of the Africans for a qualitatively new becoming.

And, what do we mean by “ideology”? “Ideology” refers to a systematic, coherent and consistent world-view – with an inexorable internal logic. Importantly, “Ideology” is reflective of definite socio-economic interests.

“Ideology” therefore, does not refer to random, sporadic thought. Ideological work is extremely serious work, and is of fundamental strategic importance.

In the Study Group, all participants are co-learners and co-teachers together. They assist one another advance in deeper knowledge of a subject(s). Group Study helps deepen a more critical and scientific awareness of our surroundings and reality – of national strategic tasks.

All this calls for the greatest humility, modesty and discipline on the part of all participants. It does not matter if a participant has gone through some material before, how many degrees they have, among other things.

Group study is about continuous fellowship and building discipleship for the transformation of Uganda and Africa together – in the like of the tiny mustard seeds which grow into giant mustard seed trees. Group study is not about theory. It is not a waste of time.

Group study guides conscious, revolutionary action for transformation of the African homeland. Study and Action go hand in hand, and strengthen each, the other (a dialectical unity).

Participants shall be requested to cover related literature/readings, outside meetings (virtual or otherwise). This shall not be possible without self-discipline and self-motivation. Cyberspace abounds with all the material we need. We are not doing post-doctoral research; we are looking for the basics.

Importantly, it will sometimes not be possible to meet, maybe even for weeks. In which case, our reading/study list keeps us linked and advancing together.

In a word, the Yoweri K. Study Groups are about crystallizing and nationalizing – a scientific conceptual and analytical framework for apprehending, comprehending and transforming the extremely complex and multifaceted reality that the Ugandan and African people are faced with.

They are about the struggle to re-invent and secure the strategic future of the Ugandan and African people.

Without that revolutionary and scientific approach, we may remain very committed supporters of the Movement or any other political formation (which is very important), but who are likely to be disorganized, erratic and confused – and not very useful in a strategic sense in decisive Wars, Campaigns and Battles.

We shall share more about the Center for Yoweri K. Museveni Study Groups, in the weeks and months ahead.


The writer, David Mafabi, is the Senior Presidential Advisor/Special Duties, State House

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