Opinion: Current MAK Leaders Have Been Compromised, Betrayed Bobi

By Muwanga Onesmus K

In the olden days, it was rare for Makerere University students to remain silent in the urgent matters that were affecting this country, student leaders could come up and speak against the injustices that were taking place, they would speak up against unfair tuition policies, and some even stood up against the dictator Iddi Amin Dada. However of late, the trend has changed, many MAK Student leaders who were on top of criticizing government injustices while at campus are now praising the very evils that they once criticized. An Open example is Abber Lilian, she was once a strong critique of unfairness, but now her true colors are shown, she is compromised.


Imagine Today we have a MAK OB (Alumni) Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, also known as Bobi, who is angling for the Office of the President , he has been treated with one of the highest forms of injustice and malice plus trumped up charges, together with other MPs and civilians, but here we are with the whole Makerere Students leaders keeping quiet, while injustice is being done to their OBs, these are the said leaders of tomorrow, being compromised, and betraying their OBs and the whole students fraternity because of money and a few peanuts.

When did we arrive to such an absurd state, at the epitome of learning, the so called Harvard of Africa? Imagine Kenyan Students demonstrated over the arrest of Bobi Wine Kyagulanyi and over the brutal arrest of MPs and other civilians, but here we are having the Students of the said 3rd Best University in Africa (Makerere) keeping quiet, betraying their OBs and the whole Uganda at large because of money and a few peanuts. One statesman said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to remain silent.” If we continue with such a trend at universities, we are going to see injustices rise beyond limits. And if young people can be compromised at such an early age at universities then what kind of future leaders are we breeding? How far will they be compromised if they land into higher offices?

In case the current university leaders don’t take action to organize anything against the injustices in this nation, we as the former students leaders of Makerere are going to take action, because we can’t see the Mighty Makerere University be betrayed by its current leaders and we keep silent while injustice and brutality are going on everywhere in this country. Knowledge should not only be in books, but it should be practiced for society to benefit.

The writer is the Former President Private Students Association Makerere  University 2013-14 0700 51 32 7


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