OPERATION WEALTH CREATION: Museveni Orders Delivery at Parish Level

President Yoweri Museveni has directed that all supplies being made for agricultural expansion and modernization programme, treat the Operation Wealth Creation should be delivered to the parish levels for easy access by the beneficiaries.

The suppliers outsourced by the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) have been depositing seedlings, viagra 40mg heifers and other related materials at the sub county headquarters.

Potential beneficiaries would drive or walk from the villages to pick supplies from their respective sub county headquarters.

The President reportedly pointed out that it is tiresome and time consuming for farmers to trek up to the sub county center and is part of the reason why problems are being registered in the project.

The development came out on Wednesday during a meeting to look at challenges facing the Operation Wealth Creation organized at Bwebajja Airport Hotel.

The Deputy Coordinator, Maj. Gen. Julius Oketa told the participants that the system of delivery has been changed.

“The President has directed that all the supplies that have been going to the sub county headquarters known as eggombolola, be taken direct to parish centers. We are not here to discuss it but to start implementing the directive of the His Excellency,” Gen. Oketta said.

According to Ms. Sarah Kagingo, the OWC Director of Public Relations and Communication, other issues of concern like the chain of generation of lists of seedling needed by Local Governments, procurement by NAADS, to delivery were also put to all actors in the sector.


“One most critical outcome that will end blatant flouting of regulations was that every actor appreciates that cases of corruption and falsification of documents as well as air supply and other irregularities be investigated and those found culpable answer as the law stipulates,” Ms. Kagingo said.

Blacklisting of errant suppliers of substandard material was also proposed in the meeting while individuals involved are to be penalized.

Failure by NAADS to issue early call-off orders to suppliers timely leading to late deliveries of much needed inputs and dumping of seedlings in inappropriate places were also discussed.

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