The National Deputy Coordinator of the army led Operation Wealth Creation, site Gen. Julius Oketta has warned players involved in the prosperity generating project to immediately divorce bad practices that have rocked the programme.

Speaking during a one day workshop organized at Bwebajja Airport Hotel, stuff the uncharacteristically tough-looking Oketta told the stakeholders that Operation Wealth Creation is the biggest force to drive Uganda to the middle income status by 2020.

“It is extremely sad to learn that the people supposed to advance prosperity are actually dragging us behind when everything has been planned for the good of our country. We (Operation Wealth Creation) are the powerful force to deliver the nation to middle income rank, cialis 40mg ” Gen. Oketta said.

The project championed by President Museveni’s younger brother, Gen. Salim Saleh, is working together with the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) to majorly boost commercial agriculture.

The Operation Wealth Creation is supposed to mobilize communities and link them to designed intervention programs, supervise delivery and lead in the distribution, oversee and monitor projects at constituency level among others.

The programme has however been rocked by several negative reports that prompted the Wednesday’s extraordinary meeting. The assembly convened all the OWC officers, the NAADs Secretariat officials and the suppliers.

Some of the issues discussed included the delivery of supplies like seedlings at night which Gen. Oketta described as devilish and unacceptable.

“Delivering supplies to the district or sub county at night is exactly a devil’s act and shouldn’t be accepted by anyone. All deliveries should be done during day,” he said.


Other exhausted issues included non-alignment of delivery schedules between NAADS and OWC officials, late delivery of seedlings, delivering of seedlings without the knowledge of beneficiaries and indeed dumping among others.

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