Open Letter to President Donald Trump on Climate Change

By Masereka Charles Yoronimu

Congratulations His Excellency Donald John Trump, order the 45th president of the United States of America upon successful inauguration. A vote of thanks also goes to the former president Barack Obama, view for the exceptional leadership style he showed the world. He has left with a record that may take years to break.

As you take office, the world expects a lot from you as the head of state of the world’s most powerful nation. Any decisions you make will be reviewed by millions across the globe.

A number of changes already have been noticed around the nation, notably changes of the official White House Website. A number of issues that your predecessors have struggled to work on for years were removed from the site. These not only affect the American people, but also the people across the globe.

On several occasions, you have openly come out and denied the existence of global warming and climate change. In your inaugural speech, there was no mention of plans to create a clean energy policy or lay down measures to reduce and combat climate change which is a global challenge, affecting not only the poor, but the rich as well.You emphasized the need to make “America Great” by emphasizing the mighty Foreign Policy, Industrialization, Job creation, but never did you mention in your speech the impacts and policies that you intent to implement to reduce climate change and global warming.

Whatever you intend to do to make America Great depends on the state of climate in which America will be operating in. With rapid industrialization, we will increase jobs, increase revenue, maintain the status quo of being the superpower, YES, it will be but this will be at the expense of the environment.

Your Excellency, the time is now to RETHINK your approach towards pressing global challenges, which also affect the American people. Your belief that Climate Change is a hoax is a pathetic mindset that will destroy the world. Climate change is not only an environmental challenge but a human challenge too affecting poverty eradication, hunger fight, education, empowerment, water, energy, economic activities, and innovations in key sectors.

As a youth leader and Climate change activist, I ask you to reverse your decisions not to pay attention to global warming.

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