Op-Ed: Lusanja Saga: Bamugemereire Scores Massively Against the Judiciary

By Peres Kato

For the past two or so months, the tempers have been high among some senior judicial officers because of Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire’s audacious utterances condemning her learned friends on the bench for greed, connivance and incompetence and inhuman orders evicting locals across the country.

The feud has been silent bubbling with no volunteer arbiter or adjudicator in between but as day follows night, it is evident that President Museveni looked afar in instituting and supporting the Land Commission both financially and morally.

Its abundant fruits are now palpable to the most cynical elites particularly in the judiciary and local government leaders and administrators.

This strait of wins began with apologies from the very magistrate who originated the eviction and demolition order of the Lusanja residents, Her Worship Nsamba Esther Rebecca and then a formal apology from the spokesperson of the judiciary Mr. Emmy Vincent Mugabo for the heinous and illegal actions by their officers.

And it is probable that the police force through their public relations department will soon issue their apologia to the homeless locals in Lusanja for re-enforcing the nocturnal and illegal evictions on the fateful day.

In the investigation report of the Lusanja incidents read to parliament on December 11, 2018 the Attorney General, Hon. William Byaruhanga confirmed to the house that the indicted judicial officers  who passed this order were Her Worship Nsamba Esther Rebecca who authored the infamous order, and the Deputy Registrar Nabweru Magistrate Court, Mr.Baker Rwatooro who dismissed the defendants’ application of stay of execution, of which the Chief Justice, the Principal Judge together with the judicial service commission have instituted an inquiry against the said officers.

But this is not enough because the victims of illegal orders are homeless and destitute per se yet the Attorney General made no recommendations whatsoever for the Lusanja residents to be compensated, re-instated and their homes reconstructed.


It is outrageous and incredible how Bibanja owners are evicted.

According to the Attorney General’s report, the order that evicted the Lusanja tenants was aimed and supposed to evict Bibanja owners in a totally different location in Ssekanyonyi, Mityana and two, Nabweru Magistrate Court lacked jurisdiction in both locations.

Thirdly, none of the judicial officers visited the location for an inventory and opening boundaries as a legal requirement before eviction.

These are real irregularities and mischief madam Bamugemereire has been crucified for pointing out.

However, it is on a sad note that Mr Moses Kirunda of Spear Link Auctioneers who spearheaded the night evictions with protection of the Uganda Police has not been called into question by either the Attorney General’s report or the Judicial Service Commission inquiry.

Yet, as a bailiff he is automatically an officer of court.

But we may wait on the lady Justice to pursue him to account for his actions which have unforeseeably led to the death of four (4) children and a rape case of one young homeless girl.

So I advise the bailiffs’ trade union where Mr.Kirunda subscribes to interdict him because more than two MPs reported on his impugned actions.

Hon Kibirige Ssebunya of Nansana Municipality reported in Parliament the said bailiff for illegally evicting his residents in Busso and Kijjudde villages in Nansana, and Hon. Allan Ssewanyana of Makindye West reported his impunity in Katwe-Kinyoro zone where the same man evicted locals at night.

On two pointers, the Lusanja victims and the Bamugemereire believers should be hopeful and upbeat.

This is because, the speaker of Parliament ruled for a vote on the 12th/12/18, following Hon. Mathias Mpuuga’s motion to compensate the Lusanja evictees which was seconded by virtually the whole House.

And secondly, the President is re-enforcing the Lady Justice’s interventions as witnessed more on December 11 when the duo visited the Wabinyira-Mityana residents who are putting up with looming eviction threats.

There is light at the end of the tunnel as the Lusanja eviction hearing and ruling are up for revision by the High Court Land Division.

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