Onyango: Pay Cuts are Not Applicable in Africa

The global outbreak of the Coronavirus disease (COVID19) has truly dented the beautiful game as sport governing bodies have opted to halt the many different disciplines.

Football players, staff and bodies all around the the world are trying to pitch in their support their support through different actions. Some have aaccepted pay cuts while some clubs have even gone ahead to furlough some some just to make ends meet.

In Uganda, the situation is not that different as some few sports administrators and players have gone on to call for Paycuts despite having tight contractual obligations.

Kitara Football Club head Coach Mark Twinamatsiko and Wakiso Giants entire staff featuring in the FUFA Big League and the Uganda Premier League respectively have since admitted 50% Paycuts from their salaries to Carter for the vulnerable families that have been worst hit by the unfriendly situation.

However Uganda Cranes hot cake Dennis Onyango Masinde who plays his trade at Mamelodi Sundowns in South Africa believes Paycuts though being a humane a act, may not be applicable to Africa.

Quotting Football 256, ‘Mr Safe Hands’ noted that only players that earn huge dimes at their respective clubs allow Paycuts which is not the case in Africa.

“Players and officials who have allowed pay cuts earn big amounts of money weekly. It’s not the case here in Africa unless if you want players to struggle financially because the pay is not good everywhere, some get paid others play for nothing,” said Onyango.

He added, “So to expect them to replicate what our colleagues in Europe are doing is asking too much and it’s being inconsiderate from anyone who thinks like that.”


Mamelodi Sundowns President, Patrice Motsepe donated One Million euros in fight against the pandemic to the South African Government.

During this lockdown, Ugandan midfielder Yasser Mugerwa who features for Shire Endaselassie in Ethiopia signaled readiness to accept pay cut to help COVID-19 victims in Ethiopia.

Cranes second choice goalkeeper, Salim Jamal Magoola, rather extended relief food to his home district of Pallisa to support the most-hit individuals.

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