‘Ongwen Must Face Justice’

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, here medical http://chrisroberson.net/wp-admin/includes/meta-boxes.php in a phone call with Democratic Republic of the Congo’s President, recipe drugs http://celebrationhopecenter.org/wp-includes/post.php Joseph Kabila on Wednesday appealed for decisive action against the armed group FDLR (Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda), ask after it failed to surrender on deadline.

Mr. Ban reiterated that the FDLR has “failed to deliver on its promise to disarm and that the deadline of 2 January had expired without significant results”, according to a read-out of the phone call provided by his spokesperson during the daily press briefing at UN Headquarters this afternoon.

The phone calls follow concerns that DRC forces may not be willing to attack FDLR.

Previous reports by UN investigators have found concrete evidence showing Congolese generals arming the militia whose ideology and leadership instigated and executed the 1994 genocide in Rwanda in which one million people mainly Tutsi were killed.

It is also understood that during ground military operations against M23 in 2013, most FDLR fighters were absorbed in the Congolese mainstream army against the rebel group which Kinshasa said was being facilitated by Rwanda.

While DRC and UN forces were expected to start with bombardments of FDLR territories, they launched attacks on Burundi rebel group, FNL before seizing their bases.

However, UN said this would give them a good base to rout the FDLR.

Ban’s call to Kabila followed pressure from international bodies and regional countries on the need to finish the FDLR problem.


An East African Standby Force remains on standby to intervene in the Eastern Congo crisis should Kabila fall short on making good on his promise to attack FDLR.

The Secretary-General welcomed President Kabila’s assurance that his Government is ready to take action and noted that the UN Stabilization Mission in the DRC (MONUSCO) is ready to engage in operations alongside the Congolese military, also known by the French acronym FARDC.

Echoing that sentiment, UN Force Commander of MONUSCO, Lieutenant General Carlos Alberto dos Santos Cruz today in an interview with UN Radio said that as FDLR had failed to meet its deadline to surrender voluntarily, action to force disarmament may be imminent.

“As you know, 2 January was [the deadline] for the FDLR to surrender voluntarily. Unfortunately, they didn’t meet expectations. One option is to…defeat the FDLR and to force the surrender of this group,” General dos Santos Cruz said over the phone from DRC’s capital, Kinshasa.

“It is very important for FDLR to stop its activities in the eastern part of Congo to bring stability to the region. We don’t have only FDLR as an armed group but they are very important politically and their surrender is important to stability here,” General dos Santos Cruz added.

He explained that MONUSCO and the Congolese army have joined forces to follow-up on the progress of disarming the group. An upcoming 15 January meeting with several regional organizations is expected to focus on the matter and decide what action to take.

In the meantime, General dos Santos Cruz said that the leaders of the 2,000-strong FDLR take action toward surrendering based on international negotiations.

“They need to surrender to bring more stability to the eastern part of Congo and to the whole region. If they don’t comply with that, we are ready to follow up with the political authorities and we are going start operations against them,” the General warned.
Sc Villa and Big league side MaroonsFC played to a 3 all draw at Nakivubo stadium on Friday evening.

The fairly entertaining game was Villa’s forth test match in the December-January league break.

Steven Bengo put the hosts in the lead midway first half before Godwin Kitagenda leveled for Maroons towards half time.

Villa pressed for the second before recess but the Maroons’ back four stood firm thus finishing the first half level on 1-1.

In the second half, pills http://claps-sante.fr/wp-includes/simplepie/misc.php Maroons came back strongly pressing from right to left and centre which yielded results for them getting in front with a superb strike from Brian Akena.

Substitute Hassan Wasswa scored for the blues to level and the record league champions increased momentum when another substitute Ronald Muganga scored what seemed like a winner for Villa through a fantastically taken free kick.

When Villa scored their third, viagra buy http://cgt06.fr/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-widgets.php they seemed to have lost focus giving room to the hard working Maroons to possess the ball which eventually resulted into an equalizer from Kamada Lubega.

The game ended with each team scoring three times to make it a six goals thriller. Jogoo’s president Ben Misagga was in attendance alongside CEO Ivan Kakembo.
Team sheets:

Villa (first 11):
Nicolas Ssebwato, Derrick Walulya, Isaac Muleme, Doka Musa, Alolo Rogers, Kirabira Isaac, Kasule Abdallah Hakim, C.Ntambi, Emenenayor Victor, Steven Bengo and Nsumba Augustin.

Subs: Kalumba John,Kaggwa Andrew, Muganga Ronald, Kiweewa Ivan, Kamanzi Dennis, Hassan Wasswa and Wail.

Maroons (first 11):
Akol Emma, Kiyaga Salim, Ayeko Richard, Allan Anguyo, Okello Slivester,Okello Maxwell, Musa Ssali. Abel Etuloda, Orombi Ronald, Akena Brian and Kitagenda Godwin.
Subs: Herbert, Mugabi Ronald, Alumansi Jamal, Ewori Solomon, Jamal Mariamungu, Kayemba, Akuyo Phillips, Opio Simon, Winju Rafael and Ali Nsimbe.

Elsewhere, Sc Victoria University was denied a second straight win by Big league side The Saints after drawing one all at Nambole yesterday whereas Jinja Municipal Council edged Bul Fc by 2-1 at Kakindu stadium.

The United States based Non-governmental organization, approved http://communityseven.com/ext/sitesplat/badge/conditions/type/signature.php Invisible Children Inc. and its coordinating organization in Africa, the Africa Non-Profit Chore (ANCHOR), have welcomed news of surrender Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) second in command ‘Maj. Gen’ Dominic Ongwen, saying it reaffirms a declining capacity for destruction by the brutal group.

In a statement released on Wednesday, a day after Ongwen`s surrender to the Us military forces in Obo, Central African Republic, Invisible Children and ANCHOR that have been advocating for the return of LRA combatants said the development to them is a celebration of the year since the elusive and ICC wanted LRA boss Joseph Kony is now almost remaining alone.

“For someone who was himself a victim of LRA abduction, having been conscripted into the rebellion at a tender age of ten years, Dominic’s surrender or capture, means the LRA’s capacity for mass atrocities continues to be eroded and multitudes are feeling safer and able to start meaningful recovery from a nearly three-decade long plight and plunder,” said Patrick Munduga, the Regional Head of Office for the Africa Non-Profit Chore (ANCHOR) in Kampala.

“With now four out of five top commanders removed from the LRA area of operation, this news is a celebration of years of our collective work with several advocacy, security, and peace-building partners in the region both local and international,” he added.

A statement issued by Invisible Children Inc. also welcomes Ongwen’s release or surrender.

“If confirmed, Ongwen’s surrender or capture would mean a significant and historic blow to Joseph Kony’s forces. It would also mean that, in the last three years alone, four of the top five LRA commanders would have been removed from the battlefield, leaving only Kony as the final ICC-indicted LRA leader left to be captured,” reads the statement.

Ongwen was on Wednesday handed over to Ugandan forces in CAR.

Officials said they would soon determine whether he is entitled to amnesty or would face war crimes charges at special courts in Kampala.


In a media advisory released on Wednesday, the Human Rights Watch congratulated the apprehension of Ongwen, saying it is a “major opportunity” for justice to those who suffered for over 20 years at the hands of the brutal LRA.

“The apprehension of the LRA Commander Dominic Ongwen would be a major opportunity to advance justice for the LRA’s long record of atrocities,” said Ida Sawyer, senior Africa researcher at Human Rights Watch.

“For 10 years Ongwen has been a fugitive, sought on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity by the ICC.”

The same statement also asked the US military to immediately surrender Dominic Ongwen who is wanted on the charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity, to the International Criminal Court.

“He should be promptly surrendered to face justice.”

Dominic Ongwen, his boss Joseph Kony and three others are wanted by ICC to answer to charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes, murder, enslavement, cruel treatment of civilians, and intentionally directing an attack against a civilian population.

For years, Ongwen and his fellow combatants within the LRA have been the targets of ‘Come Home’ defection messages by civil society organizations, in an effort to help dismantle the LRA from within by encouraging peaceful defections inside its ranks.

“His capture or surrender gives us more resolve to intensify our defection programs to see more LRA fighters peacefully and safely leave the battlefield,” said ANCHOR’s Patrick Munduga in Kampala this morning.

The Invisible Children that also developed the LRA Crisis Tracker, a geospatial database and reporting system run by Invisible Children and the resolve that tracks and reports on trends and patterns in the LRA conflict including attacks, killings, abductions and defections released the profile of Ongwen.

According to a profile of Dominic Ongwen on the LRA Crisis Tracker Initiative, the story of Dominic Ongwen epitomizes that of many people who have paid a heavy price because of the LRA atrocities- either as victims of abductions, displacement and death. It is a story of a child, like many in the LRA, forcefully abducted, forced to grow up in the image of his oppressors and is turned into an oppressor himself.

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