Olympics Committee: Poor Performance Was Due to Inadequate Funding

The Uganda Olympic Committed (UOC) has finally issued a report about the performance of Team Uganda in the recently concluded Olympics games in Rio.

While addressing the media on Wednesday at the Uganda Olympic committee, view leader of delegation, this web Ambrose Tashobya indicated that Uganda was one of the teams with small budgets.

“When you look at budgets of teams like Great Britain, USA, China, they range between USD  $300m- $500m yet Uganda was operating on a total budget of $230,000.” he said.

“So before we blame our athletes for not winning medals, we need to look at the funding. In most cases performance moves in accordance with economic scales. All the teams in the top ten are members of the G10,” Tashobya added.

William Blick, the Uganda Olympic committee President also hinted out the lack of facilities as another challenge.

“We need to give our athletes credit first for qualifying and competing favourably well even amidst the poor or lack of training facilities.” said Blick.

“By now, teams are already preparing for Tokyo but here we workout things in final moments. A country like Australia has over eight high altitude training centres and athletes have already began preparations,” he added.

When quizzed about Uganda taking more officials to Rio de Janeiro than the athletes, Blick explained that they followed the guidelines of the International Olympic committee.


“I here many people talk about this issue but without facts. Even if a country had one participant, the minimum of officials they would have is sixteen. We were supposed to have over 30 officials but we didn’t have the finances to facilitate them.” Explained Blick.

Tashobya, who was the leader of delegation was also tasked to answer why Jack Pemba part of the delegation. He however said that Pemba funded himself and had also promised to give medalists money.

“Pemba was added to the list as a guest not an official, he footed his bills and had even promised some money to anyone who won a medal.”

Uganda had 21 athletes at the Rio Olympics but failed to win a single medal.

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