“Old Politicians Are Suffocating us on Media Space” Young Female Politicians Cry Out

A section of young female politicians has castigated their older counterparts for what they called hijacking of media space without considering giving them space too.

“These old politicians have continuously suffocated us you find the same faces on political programs on National TVs for example; Norbert Mao has a specific seat on NBS Political Shows, Nambooze have a special seat on NBS Barometer among others,” Angela Maria Namirembe an aspiring Youth Woman Councilor for Kampala District said.

“Young politicians are not even invited on talk shows and the for the few who are invited, they are asked for money which we don’t have,” she added.

The young politicians were attending the official launch of the NOWIP-Press, a digital platform that will amplify the voices of women politicians.

The launch was organized by the Network for Women in Politics, in partnership with the Uganda Media Women Association (UMWA) and the Demographic Governance Facility under the theme: Promoting Digitized voices for Women in Politics.

Diana Nakimuli, an LC 3 Woman Councilor aspirant in Lubaga (B) Parish, Lubaga Division noted that this continued suffocation has made young female politicians inaudible.

“They have been telling us that it is our time but to date they are still blocking our way by over shadowing us now how shall we come up?” she asked.

Zeridah Kakai, an LC 5 Woman Councilor for Nakawa Division said that this has been caused by the imbalanced media, which targets profits than serving them.


“We are also supposed to fight for ourselves because these people shall not leave for us space, unless we fight for it,” she said.

Margret Sentamu, the Executive Director of UMWA urged female politicians to rise up instead of crying out.

“We are not going to wait for things to be placed on our hands we have to fight had for that space,” she said.

Nancy Kalembe, the female presidential candidate, who graced the occasion welcomed the NOWIP Idea

“Women are always undermined especially when we come up to stand in certain positions,” she said.

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