Oil Refinery Affected Persons Petition Parliament

The oil refinery project affected persons of Kabaale parish, Buseruka sub-county, Hoima district have petitioned the Uganda women parliamentary association to intervene in the government failure to compensate them.

In 2012 government acquired over 29 square kilometres of land covering 13 villages in the district to build a refinery.

The acquisition affected 7118 people, 3500 of them women. The compensation was expected to start in June 2013 and end in February 2014.

The group led by Christopher Opio claim that government had promised them that  every land owner had a right to opt either for cash or relocation, and each land owner would be compensated promptly, fairly, and adequately prior to displacement but up to now most of them are yet to be compensated.

Opio says that those who opted for relocation were entitled to land and a house bought and built respectively on a case by case basis, but up to now government has not provided them with anything.

He added that the displacement affected the only Primary school in the area and their children no longer go to school since it was destroyed.

The group petitioned Parliament through the Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) calling upon them to intervene in the matter to ensure they are compensated.

“Since 2012 we have been complaining about outdated rates that were used to compensate us and delayed compensation which were all confirmed in the Auditor General’s report,” Opio said.


These were received by UWOPA Vice Chairperson Norah Bigirwa who said that the team will go on a fact finding mission in the area next week before they can introduce the matter before parliament.

“There are a number of issues that stand unresolved most of which are compensation related, they have been allowed no space to grow serious crops, their children no longer go to school,”Bigirwa said.

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