Oburu Oginga Roots For Human Security As EALA Begins 140th IPU Assembly In Doha

The 140th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly (IPU) commenced in Qatar, this week (April 6-10, 2019) with over 1000 MPs from 160 Parliaments globally, in attendance to deliberate on issues under the umbrella theme of “Parliaments as platforms to enhance education for peace, security and the rule of law”

EALA Speaker, Ngoga Karoli Martin, is represented by EALA Member and Commissioner, Oburu Oginga. Oginga addressed the congregation this morning (April 8h, 2019) urging parliamentarians to enact legislation and provide oversight on policies on the education sector that build and enhance sustainable peace.

Hon Dr Oburu Oginga addresses the 140th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly in Doha, Qatar

Oginga termed access to education, resources, respect for diversity and identity as well as equal and equitable participation in decision making at all levels as critical.

He further called for measures to address the historical and contemporary injustices. The EALA Member said Parliaments need to be more impactful in their approaches to addressing peace and ensuring rule of law.

Oginga told legislators to advocate for targeted education and initiatives that abhor violence, enhance peace-building tools and support human security around the globe for positive societal impact.

The EALA Delegation made up of Hon Dr Oburu Oginga, Hon Dr Francois Kalinda, Hon Dr Gabriel Garang Alaak, Hon Rose Akol and Hon Pamela Masaay consult on the sidelines of the 140th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly

Oginga said EALA had continued to play a critical part in so far as peace and security is concerned.

“The Assembly has passed the EAC Human and Peoples’ Rights Bill, 2012 and about 12 Resolutions on the subject matter. The Assembly further works with the EAC Secretariat and other institutions in promoting research, building pertinent partnerships and peace initiatives as measures to curtail forms of insecurity and thus promote peaceful co-existence of communities”, he said.

The Member called for full implementation of the Peace and Security Protocol including the setting up of an EAC Security Council and an EAC Stand-by-Brigade as well as the institutionalization of the Panel of the Wise and other related institutions.


He further called for effective oversight on the projects of the agencies that ensure cohesiveness and concerted efforts towards ensuring humanity issues are addressed.

A section of the delegates at the 140th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly and Related Meetings, follow proceedings

The 140th Assembly is covering multiple subjects including role of fair and free trade and investments in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) especially that which regard economic equality, sustainable agriculture, industrialization and innovation.

A number of emergency items are further expected to be tabled during the week-long event as is provided for under Assembly Rule 11.1 and Article 14.2 of the IPU Statutes.

The items proposed include a call for urgent international action to support Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, hit by the cyclone Idai and another on preventing and combating racism, intolerance, islamophobia and xenophobia.

Other EALA Members in attendance are, Francois Kalinda, Rose Akol, Gabriel Garang Alaak, Pamela Masaay and senior EALA Parliamentary staff.

Speaker of Senate of Kenya, Rt Hon Kenneth Lusaka and Deputy Director, Legislative Affairs, Kenya, Mr Mogere. All EAC Partner States are represented at the 140th IPU Assembly and Meetings

The 140th IPU edition has also attracted over 50 Speakers of Parliament and 40 Deputy Speakers. Of the MPs in attendance, 20 per cent are young MPs under 45 years of age and 33 per cent are women.Other EAC Speakers and Parliamentarians are also in attendance.  The Republic of Kenya is led by the Speaker of the Senate, Kenneth Lusaka. Nyabenda Pascal, Speaker of the Burundi National Assembly leads his delegation as Job Ndugai, Speaker of Parliament of Tanzania leads legislators from the Parliament of Tanzania.

Delegations from the Parliament of Uganda, Parliament of Rwanda and the Transitional National Legislative Assembly of the Republic of South Sudan are also in attendance.


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