Obama to Address African Leaders in Ethiopia

Opposition iron-man Dr Kizza Besigye has revealed he is the only capable leader wielding the much-needed potential to cause regime change and save Uganda from the poverty that is ruining lives, find http://cms.prometeusz.info/plugins/system/jat3/core/layout.php Chimp Corps report.

“For me I don’t stand to gain anything from leading a government but I always feel pity when I see fellow Ugandans dying of poverty; so far 84 percent of youth are unemployed and the 16 percent who are employed have small paying jobs, viagra ” said Besigye while addressing supporters at Boma grounds in Mbarara on Sunday.

“19 women die every day while giving birth, price ” he observed, adding, “So I always feel merciful for Ugandans who are living like animals.”

The former FDC President who has lost thrice to Museveni said, “Even animals are better off than us because for them they eat wild feeds and cure certain diseases; have freedom of movement but I walk from Kasangati and get arrested within zero distance; so do we enjoy our rights really?”

Police have severally blocked Besigye from attending what authorities describe as “illegal assemblies” thus arresting him immediately after leaving his residence in Kasangati.

Besigye told the supporters he joined the NRA rebellion upon being brutally tortured for supporting Museveni in 1980s.

“I supported President Museveni when he stood with Sam Kutesa. But Museveni lost after vote rigging and we went to the bush, leaving over 50,000 people including Mzee Rwantenye, Mbiringi killed. And it is Museveni who wrote a document saying overstaying in power is one of Africa’s main problems but he is now the man who has spent 30 years in power which implies he is the problem,” added Besigye.

The former President’s physician said he will never abandon his struggle until he accomplishes his mission of dismantling the NRM government system.

Besigye receiving donations from suppoters
Besigye receiving donations from supporters

“If I fail to stand as a party president, challenges like poverty and minimal drugs in the hospitals won’t change. I was surprised to find women in some districts spending a month running up and down to get only 3 kilograms of beans from the so called Operation Wealth Creation. Really, don’t you see where poverty is taking the country?” he observed as supporters cheered him on.

He blamed president Museveni for using money and guns to rig elections and entrench his power.

“The gun we used to win the war in 1980s is the same gun that is stopping us from enjoying our rights now. Let’s get a means of winning back our rights without a gun,” Besigye told the people of Mbarara.

The former NRA political Commissar said FDC supporters should continue contributing funds for party candidates to traverse the country with the view of preaching the gospel of change.

“Obama, a Kenyan, had no money but it is the people who contributed funds towards his winning the American elections. So NRM with huge amounts of stolen money from people should not change your vote in the 2016 elections. Let’s cooperate, unite and provide for our party to run its activities in the general elections,” Besigye wooed the crowds who raised considerable amounts of money for his campaign.

Besigye's rally pulled a huge number of supporters
Besigye’s rally pulled a huge number of supporters


He also hinted on support from the armed forces.

“It is not only politicians suffering under Museveni. Even police and UPDF do support our struggle as well because they derive pride from taking their kids to good schools and sleeping on beds but not under the bed as it is today,” added Besigye.

“Discard fear and have a change of mind. And if we join hands we shall defeat them. Police will no longer decide for us what we want. It shall protect us. Remember a vote is a paper but not authority. For instance Lord Mayor Lukwago won but never led; so let’s gain our power to drive ourselves to authority for a better country.”

Lukwago was impeached as Mayor by KCCA Councillors following a tribunal that found him liable for incompetence.

MP Ekenya collecting donations for party activities
MP Ekenya collecting donations for party activities

Besigye assured that vote rigging which he said has kept NRM in power can be dealt with if people exhibit determination to protect their vote come 2016.

In a meeting held earlier in the day at Grand West Hotel in Mbarara, Besigye met over 30 party delegates from districts of Isingiro, Mbarara, Kabale and Bushenyi before urging them to vote him as FDC flag-bearer in the 2016 presidential elections.

Mbarara FDC Chairman Stanley Katembeya who is also the area’s aspiring mayor asked party leaders to start serious grassroots mobilisation by staging rallies in villages.

He further asked party supporters to stand on different posts to win positions at every level in the 2016 elections.

Fight back

Buhweju MP aspirant Francis Mwijukye accused Mbarara police officials of using street gangs to attack FDC supporters while on their way to the function at Boma grounds.

“We are also capable of resisting these acts and we can also be tough when fighting back but we restrained ourselves,” charged Mwijukye.

“Therefore a trained officer who knows the law of the land but decides to load boys on a numberless vehicle to incite our convoy is very wrong. He even instructed a traffic officer to use a numberless vehicle to trail us. You can see where the country is heading with NRM government.”

MP Geoffrey Ekanya asked Ugandans to forgive each other and support FDC to win the general elections.

“Mbabazi and Sejusa are like wild animals who thought they were living in comfort in the wilderness until things turned against them before joining us which is a good thing. Our mission is not to fight each other but to add on the number of supporters we  have to make Besigye the winner of 2016 general elections. So let’s welcome our colleagues and we fight Museveni as one group to win 2016 elections,” said Ekanya.
United States President, pilule http://conversionxl.com/wp-includes/class-wp-http-encoding.php Barack Obama, information pills http://cpllogoterapia.com/wp-admin/includes/comment.php left Kenya on Sunday afternoon for Ethiopia after completing a three-day visit to Kenya.

In Ethiopia, no rx Obama will on Tuesday July 28, pay an official visit to the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa.

President Obama will be the first U.S. President to ever visit the African Union.

Upon arriving to the AU Headquarters, President Obama will hold a bilateral meeting with the African Union Commission Chairperson Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma and Commissioners.

President Obama is also due to deliver a speech to the continent from the Nelson Mandela Hall at the AU Conference Centre, in Addis Ababa.

“This is an historic visit to the African Union. And it will be my great pleasure to welcome President Barack Obama to the AU,” said the AU Commission Chairperson on the eve of the visit, adding that, “it is also another concrete step to broaden and deepen the relationship between the AU and the US.”

During the visit, Dr Nkosazana will take the opportunity to present Africa’s priority areas as articulated in the Agenda 2063 framework document and the 10-year implementation plan, aimed at achieving Africa’s vision for prosperity, integration and peace.

Pledging his support to strengthen Africa-US relations President Obama had told AU the Commission when they met on 29 June 2013, in South Africa:

“We stand ready and eager to work with the African Union for the best engagement of the United States with Africa. If there is a strong African Union, any help that is provided by the US becomes more effective than us doing things on our own.”

The visit will offer the opportunity for both Dr. Nkosazana and President Obama to further the discussions held in June 2013 in South Africa, and during the U.S.-Africa Summit in August 2014 in Washington DC.

Among the important issues will be skills revolution to provide the youth with employment opportunities; industrialization and infrastructiural development and agro-processing.

In addition, expected to feature in both the bilateral and the speeches are issues around, but not limited to, education, youth and women’s empowerment, trade, investment, and peace and security, particularly the fight against terrorism and extremism.

The AU Commission will also be engaging and discussing with a delegation of Senators and Congressmen travelling with the U.S. President.

Previous visits of President Barack Obama to Africa include: Egypt in June 2009, Ghana in July 2009, South Africa, Senegal, Tanzania in 2013 and Kenya in 2015.

Leaving Kenya

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto saw off President Obama at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport where he departed from shortly after 4.00 p.m.

President Obama arrived in Kenya on Friday afternoon for a historic visit, which was well-received by Kenyans from all corners of the nation.

While in the country, President Obama co-hosted the Sixth Global Entrepreneurship Summit with President Kenyatta.

He also held bilateral talks with President Kenyatta, the Deputy President and Cabinet Secretaries at State House, Nairobi.

Upon arrival at State House on Saturday, the Kenya military gave the US leader a 21 gun salute after which he inspected a guard of honour.

On Saturday night, President Kenyatta hosted President Obama to a State Dinner at State House.

Earlier today, President Obama gave a lecture at the Safaricom Arena Kasarani that was graced by President Kenyatta and DP Ruto. He later gave another speech at Kenyatta University.

President Obama’s visit has opened a new chapter in Kenya-US relations with several bilateral agreements signed between the two countries.

During his visit, the US President also had the chance to touch base with his Kenyan heritage.

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