Nyege Nyege Organizers Excited Over Rwanda-Uganda Border Clearance

Rwandese are excited over this year’s Nyege Nyege Festival which will be happening in September 5-8 at the Nile Discovery Beach in Jinja.


The excitement comes after Rwanda reopened it’s border to Uganda following its closure earlier this year.


The two countries’ relations deteriorated in recent years over suspicion of harboring armed elements, espionage and closure of the common border at Gatuna.


President Museveni and Rwanda’s Kagame signed a peace agreement yesterday at Angolan’s capital Luanda.



The agreement indicates that the two countries will resume cross-border activities, including free movement of persons and goods in the region.


To demonstrate their exitement and commitment, Nyege Nyege has signed a partnership with RwandAir,a travel company to give Rwandese cheap tickets in celebration of the peace agreement between the Countries.


This will mean that more Rwandese can  afford the fares and hence come in huge numbers for the festival.


Commenting on the the issue, Derek Debru the brains behind the Festival revealed that before the pact was signed,they had only sold 3 tickets in Rwanda simply because people there feared to cross the border.


“Basically we realized that this year, we only sold 3 tickets in Rwanda and we found out that people were fearing to cross the border.We’ve booked different Rwandan artist and every year we do events there and collaborate with Rwandan artists, but nothing changed, nobody wanted to cross the border and we felt like we would miss a big nyegerian community from Rwanda.


Following the pact between the two Countries which we believe will soon see the border opened parmanently, we have decided to offer Rwandese tickets as low as Shs50,000 to showcase our support to the East African integration and solidarity.”


Debru also added that, “It’s our way of celebrating two old friends making peace over shallow differences.”


Nyege Nyege has over the years grown into not just abig Music and cultural festival in Uganda,but as a biggest contributor to the Country’s Tourism industry,attracting Thousands of people from World over.


This year’s festival will have more than 300 artists performing in 5 stages,enriching revelers with lasting four-day fun filled music,dance,Poetry and exhibitions among others.

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