Nyege Nyege Festival: Here are The Personal Effects to Consider For Event

If you are planning to attend this Year’s Nyege Nyege Festival that is already under way at the Nile Discovery beach in Jinja, it’s never too late for you to go along with some personal effects.

The four- Day event, just like the rest of the events, needs one to give it though not very maximum attention, but at least some attention.

It’s absolutely okay for people who will be residing in Hotels and nearby lodges, but for those of you who will be camping at the venue; you may definitely need one or two of the personal effects below;


Camping gear

This by far is a number one thing you will need to have if you are to spend all the four or more than two days at the event.

It comprises of mattress, one or two bed sheets, blanket and camping tent.




You will need to have a jacket or jumper by all means to overcome the coldness in the riverside.


You will have to pack enough clothes for your own comfort. This mostly applies to ladies who love to over change from one outfit to the other.


Phone Charger

This is a no brainer. There will be charging points all over the venue and what you need on top of your power bank if you are to stay for days.



Though this may not look very serious, but it’s one of those things you need. You will definitely need to take a bath and the good thing, the venue being at the riverside, there is water all over the area.

Tooth brush

You need to pack your toothbrush since you will be in an Island where shops are far away.


Boots are also one of the personal affects you need to have. You will be in the bush and it’s always recommended to have your boots on especially if you are to move from one stage to another at night.

Other personal effects include torch and towel among others.



The Festival is sponsored by Uganda Breweries Limited under its products Bell Lager and Uganda Waragi

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