Nyege Nyege: Festival Boosting Uganda’s Tourism, Cultural Diversity

September, the month that Uganda’s most celebrated event; ‘Nyege Nyege,’ is just weeks away.


As preparations take shape for the event that will be happening at the shores of River Nile, the tourism experts have revealed that its one the biggest contributor to the Country’s tourism industry.


The four-day camping experience is slated to take place from 5 – 8 September at Nile Discovery Beach in Njeru, Jinja.


Nyege Nyege has quickly grown into Uganda’s most recognized brand attracting tourists from all over the world. The fun-filled event is longer just a festival, but doubles as a business center.

The Four-day fun filled event will various tribes showcase different cultural performances

This year, the festival was recognized with ‘Best of all Event of the Year’ award from the Tourism Ministry.



Having gained an international recognition, the festival is one of the most attended events as it attracts people from not just Africa alone, but all over the World, thus boosting the country’s tourism sector.


When these tourists come, they not only pay taxes to Government, but directly support locals as well.


The festival also is believed to promote regional integration since it’s widely attended by various tribes with different cultural performances showcased during the event.


The locals look forward to the festival as businesses in towns around Jinja and surrounding areas boom leaving all the hotels in the area fully booked.


From creating jobs for the locals to supporting the craft shops, hotels, and the massive shopping carried out during the event, Nyege Nyege indeed doesn’t leave them the same, and that is the reason they are always craving for more editions.

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