Nyanjura Replaces Kanyike as Deputy Lord Mayor


Kampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has Thursday appointed Ms Doreen Nyanjura as his Deputy.

Mrs Nyanjura replaces Hajjat Sarah Kanyike who was last week appointed by President Yoweri Museveni in the technical wing of the Kampala Capital City Authority.

Kanyike will be serving as KCCA’s Director in charge of Gender and Community Development.

She tendered in her resignation to the Lord Mayor this morning at 11am.

Lord Mayor Lukwago at a press conference later on said he accepted Kaynyike’s resignation “in good faith.”

“We shall miss her in that office and the service she had offered, but since she is still in the institution, we wish her all the best,” Lukwago said.

Kanyike in her resignation had asked to remain in office until June 30th but Lukwago did not agree.


He said there was “a heated debate” during his brief meeting with Kanyike before her resignation.

“The office of the Deputy Lord Mayor as of today is vacant with this resignation, and I would like to announce commencement of the process of replacing her today,” Lukwago said.

“I have the pleasure and honour, invoking the powers vested in the office of the lord mayor… to declare that Hon Doreen Nyajura has been appointed Deputy Lord Mayor.”

Nyanjura’s appointment however has to be cleared by the KCCA council.

Her appointment Lukwago said followed consensus with his colleagues including his newly appointed cabinet.

Nyanjura is already part of that cabinet where she serves as Secretary for Finance and Administration.

Lukwago had initially asked Mrs Kanyike to reject President Museveni’s appointment as Director, and last week he gave her three days to make a decision.

Kanyike served as Deputy Lord Mayor since 2016. Prior to that she served in office of the Lord Mayor as his personal assistant in charge of administration.

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