Nyabushozi NRM Primaries: Kajwengye Blasts Col Mwesigye in Hilarious Letter to Fans

Wilson Kajwengye, the NRM aspirant for Nyabushozi Parliamentary seat, has spoken out on President Museveni’s directive to hold fresh polls in some areas over electoral malpractices.

Museveni advised that a new election should be held in Nyabushozi County to decide the winner of the NRM MP primaries.

Museveni in a letter to Tanga Odoi, the NRM Electoral Commission Chairman strongly noted that there was fraud and forgeries in the tallying of Nyabushozi primary results.

The total votes for Nyabushozi, in which incumbent Col. Fred Mwesigye was declared the winner, is 54,996 above the district woman poll of 41,629 votes.

Below is Kajwengye’s letter to his supporters:

Dear Team Kajwengye

Dear NRM supporters

Dear People of Nyabushozi

I thank HE President YK Museveni, Chairman of the NRM, for an elaborate statement he has made in regard to massive rigging that happened in the NRM party primaries Nyabushozi on the 4/9/2020.

The President has fought injustice including election rigging for the last 56 years and his statement must be seen in that light.

The Chairman’s letter about the NRM primaries for MP flag bearer in Nyabushozi has exposed Col Fred Mwesigye, and his co conspirators who tried to usurp the will of the people.

We welcome the decision of the President ordering for the arrest and prosecution of the ringleaders of the massive vote rigging in Nyabushozi. There was no clearer ring leader of this fraud than its sole beneficiary Col Fred Mwesigye.

It was Col Mwesigye who planned to benefit from a shameless fraud that gave him more votes than all votes cast in Nyabushozi.

It was Col Mwesigye whose vote inflation made the Nyabushozi Male MP have more votes than the Kiruhura district Woman MP.


It was Col Mwesigye who after we raised an alarm called us “Abainazi” and said on radio that Nyabushozi had a clean and peaceful election which he won with the biggest margin ever.

He even threatened to take Dr Tanga Odoi to court for cancelling and suspending his fictitious declaration as winner.

He has now been caught red handed with more than 20,000 stolen votes in his bag. He is the primary ring leader. This ring leader must be held accountable, blacklisted and shunned by right thinking members of the NRM.

Further, the president made it clear that where there was no controversy “Kajwengye won.” We have been vindicated.

In order for Col Mwesigye to have a narrow lead we have to add tainted polling stations. This is chilling.

While Nyabushozi has 202 designated villages, only 186 had polling officials who conveniently merged nearby villages to vote. Therefore, 16 villages were never activated.

This clarification puts the villages clean without controversy at 64 percent of the county and won by Wilson Kajwengye

The president opined that 28 villages be persuaded to vote and settle this matter democratically.

This persuasion must take into account the fact that the security apparatus and the NRM machinery were part of the Mwesigye conspiracy to rig the election. Some results were changed by GISOs and even by police all for the benefit of Col Fred Mwesigye.

Our contention is that;

1. The president clearly identified 84 villages where Mwesigye rigged. In the 56 villages, intelligence ‘excavated” the results which Col Mwesigye’s group had altered. In the 28 villages there was no voting. The president proposed two options;

A). Firstly a repeat in all 84 villages.

B). The other option would be a re election in 28 villages.

We prefer that the primaries in nyabushozi be repeated. Fraud unravels all. Nothing built on such fraud must allowed to stand.

The other alternative is that all 84 contested villages re vote so that the matter is solved in all controversial areas.

The Mwesigye “lead” which was excavated by intelligence and requires lawyers to solidify should simply be abandoned.

In all areas of contention let the final arbiters be the people not the lawyers and the intelligence. They have helped to point out the massive anti people exercise that Col Mwesigye engaged in.

2. Arrest and prosecution of the mastermind, ringleader and principal beneficiary of the vote rigging( Col Fred Mwesigye), the District registrar, Subcounty supervisors and village election officers. Failure to arrest the master mind, ringleader and principal beneficiary of the massive votes rigging makes a repeat of the election a sham.

3. For the repeat election to be fair and credible, new election managers preferably from outside Nyabushozi should be selected to handle it.

4. Neutral security should be deployed on the voting day.

5.New Registers should be availed and updated in presence of at least two agents of all the candidates.

Last but not least, Col Mwesigye, Shedrack Nzaire, and Andinda David Agom, the District registrar/returning officer and the registrars of the 84 stolen stations must be held accountable.

This accountability is a huge part of guaranteeing a democratic process otherwise NRM will be misunderstood as a party that promotes impunity.

The results of this process has vindicated us. It has shown the massive fraud that this election was. Are the fraudsters able to behave in a rerun in few cells ? Obviously not. We must therefore protect the sovereignty of the people in every way possible.

These shameless anti people attempted a coup on the NRM by acting like Paul Muwanga of the infamous 1980 elections, who shamelessly manufactured election results, that forced President Museveni to go to the bush.

I thank the people of Nyabushozi who turned up to exercise their democratic right only to be way laid in an ambush staged by highway election robbers who up to now have refused and/ or ignored President President Museveni’s offer for Amnesty.

Thank you President Museveni for hearing our cries and feeling our pain.

*Wilson Kajwengye*
NRM candidate for Nyabushozi Parliamentary seat.

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