NWSC Urges Customers on Water Hygiene

National Water and Sewage Corporation has appealed to their customers to ensure cleanliness of their water tanks to avoid water contamination

This follows social media complaints about the cleanliness of tap water that NWSC supplies. As it is routine for them, NWSC sent in some of their workers who were surprised to find snakes, fish, frogs and rubbish in one of the customer’s water tank.

On a second occasion, NWSC found a totally dirty, rotten tank after another customer complained

The Corporation took to social media to call out and advisee other customers about the necessity of keeping one’s water tank clean

“Your water tank is a food container too. Do not compromise water quality of your home. Drain and clean storage tanks”  the notice says

Customers were advised to scrub their tanks with a mild disinfectant at least once every six months.

The Twitter post led to serious confessions from several customers that owned up to being unhygienic.

One wrote “Surely this happened to my tank, it could bring dirty water at times with a bad smell till we got it cleaned.”


NWSC is praised for being one of the most digitally active and interactive organisations. Most customers have been helped with water shortages, linkages by just posting a complaint on Twitter.

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