NWSC to Install 4000 Public Taps in Kampala

National Water and Sewage Corporation has started on a major project to plant 4000 public taps in areas of Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso.

The project, which already started is aimed at improving hygiene and sanitation by offering low income earners very affordable clean water.

This was announced by the NWSC ED Silver Mugisha during a press briefing last weekend.

Mugisha said the project which kicked off late 2018 in Rubaga Division has already seen over 90 new taps installed.

“We are embarking on a new project that will promote hygiene and sanitation in the greater Kampala. We plan to construct 1000 taps each year until 2021” he said.

Once the project, which is fully facilitated by NWSC is complete, the prices of water at public taps are expected to go as low as Shs 25 from NWSC and sold at Shs50 per Jerrycan. Currently a Jerrycan of water ranges from Shs100-Shs300 depending.

Some of the areas that are expected to benefit from this project include Kamokya, Kisenyi, Kololo iii, Mengo, Wakiso, Shawuriyako, Old Kampala Kikaya among many others.

According to Mugisha, this move will also improve the wellbeing of the citizens and prevent sanitation related diseases like cholera and Typhoid.


This comes at a time when Uganda is on high alert after the Ministry of Health announced a cholera outbreak in Rubanga Divisions.

Several local leaders have been in high gear to sensitive the public on how to prevent cholera by maintaining proper hygiene.

“We are working with the Ministry Of Health, Kampala Capital City Authority and other local leaders to sensitive the public and ensure that good hygiene and sanitation are maintained to avoid diseases” he said.

However, Mugisha refuted claims that the Cholera outbreak in areas of Kampala is due to the current water shortage explaining that even with pretty of water, a person can still get cholera if they are not maintaining good hygiene.


As part of ensuring that the project progresses smoothly, the Resident City Commissioner for Kampala, Hajjat Kayanja Mpiima and Eng.Andrew Sekayizi the ED in charge of connections inspected areas where these taps will be constructed on 7th of January


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