NWSC to Extend Water to More Villages in Kisoro District.

National water and Sewage Corporation (NWSC) has said it is testing a new water mains extension that will help in extending water to more villages in Kisoro district.

The new water mains extension will serve customers in Gatwe Village, Muramba sub county in kisoro district.

According to NWSC, the same lime will also serve villages along the Kanyampiriko Busanza, Gatwe, Kadihiro, Kanyenka, Burunga to Murinzi.

“We have also already installed Public Stand Points (PSP) in the some villages. 1PSP in Murunzi, 1 in Burunga, and another PSP in Kanyanpiriko. Our engineers are working to install 2 PSP per village,” NWSC states.

Currently NWSC covers 9,760kms of water mains all over the country. Water service coverage stands at 78.6%. The Corporation produces 120m cubics meters of water per annum produced from 51 water treatments facilities.

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