NWSC Boss: We Are Maintaining All Our Staff Despite Covid-19 Challenges

National Water and Sewage Corporation has said it will maintain all its employees despite the effects that have come with the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown.

Due to the lockdown, a number of organisations have had to lay off some of their employees to cut down on expenses.

NWSC was among those affected as some customers were not able to clear bills on time due to suspended income. However, the Corporation has noted that it will not consider reducing its staff despite the current situation.

“At NWSC, we value human capital as an important factor of production. We have reached where we are because of our committed staff. Therefore, we cannot think of reducing staff as the first call of action due to COVID-19 pandemic,” Eng Silver Mugisha, the ED NWSC said in a recent interview.

Eng Mugisha noted that instead, the Corporation was working collectively to explore other areas of cost containment, while preserving staff jobs.

“Our staff have been extremely cooperative in this endeavour and so far, so good. Of course, like any other organization, we have some “rotten apples” among our staff, those whose values are at variance with the corporation’s values. For this category, we apply organic administrative measures in line with our Human Resources manual. It is such staff that occasionally “cook” false allegations and circulate them to the public with the intention of causing false propositions, ” he added.

The NWSC Boss advised other corporate entities to embrace the new normal and review their expenditures so that they are able to maintain their everyday operations as we all wait for things to normalise.

“We all have to embrace the new normal. We have to review our expenditure behaviour and prioritise areas that support the real economy as envisioned by H.E the President. Specifically, at NWSC, we are restructuring our expenditure structure to put particular emphasis on water and sewerage infrastructure development. In so doing, we want to maintain the momentum to extend water to those who are not yet served and build sufficient capacity to work with financial markets to extend infrastructure to new industrial parks. This will call for unfettered discipline in containing recurrent expenditure, restricting it to only essential factors of production. This will, in turn, require mindset change to adjust to the new ways of business conduct,” he added.

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