NWSC Aims at Cutting Public Water Costs to Shs 50 a Jerrycan 

Last year, the Executive Director of National Water and Sewage Corporation (NWSC) Silver Mugisha announced that government through the corporation will install over 1000 public water points in various parts of Kampala.


This according to him will improve water supply reliability and reduce the cost of water to only Shs50 per jerrycan


Currently a jerrycan of water ranges from Shs 100 to Shs300 on individual and public water points in different parts of Kampala.


According to officials from NWSC, once works for Katosi water plant are completed, water supply and reliability to central Uganda will be guaranteed up to 2040



“We have started on pipeline laying for works for the new 240m litres per day design capacity Katosi works. Production from Ggaba and Katosi water plants will serve Kampala until 2040” States a statement from NWSC PR team.


To ensure reliable service delivery, a total of 281 NWSC staff graduated in practical acquired Skills from NWSC Vocational Skills Development Facility in Ggaba.


“At NWSC, we believe that equipping our staff with skills will ensure good service delivery to our customer and ensure customer satisfaction” states NWSC ED Mugisha.


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