NUP Woman MP Candidate for Isingiro District Defects to NRM

The Isingiro District National Unity Platform party woman Member of Parliament candidate, Lillian Keitetsi has defected to the ruling National Resistance Movement party.

Ms. Keitetsi, who has significantly been a senior mobilizer for NUP in western region, was on Friday welcomed at the NRM headquarters Kampala by the Director of Mobilization and Cadre Development, Mathias Kasamba.

Keitetsi accused NUP President, Robert Kyagulanyi for lacking leadership and organizational skills to lead a country. She appealed to her former colleagues to join NRM.

“I urge all the NUP youth agents and mobilizers I have been working with to cross and join NRM to secure their future,” she said.

She dedicated the remaining one week to the polls to mobilise for NRM in Isingiro to cement its victory over the crippling NUP.

She also appealed to all Ugandans of voting age to turn up on 14th and vote NRM candidates for both presidential and parliamentary elections.

Kasamba thanked Kaitetsi for being “a clear minded woman” who understood the truth, assuring her that Uganda is the only country we have and it is for us all.

“Uganda is not at war and there is no need to panic and cause alarm. This is our peaceful country where all of us should feel free to enjoy the prevailing freedom. What we are going for on 14th January is just an exercise of democracy that for us in NRM believe in,’’ said Kasamba.


He also thanked Keitetsi for coming out to point out the weaknesses of NUP that make them unreliable to take over leadership of the country.

Kasamba then handed Kaitesi a copy of the NRM manifesto to guide her in her mobilisation work asking her and other youth to embrace the peace and stability which NRM has put in place and “ignore those misleading them.”


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