NUP Vetting: Elections Committee Rubbishes Mabike’s 96% Score Allegations

The National Unity Platform party Elections Management Committee (NUP-EMC) has responded to allegations made by Hon Michael Mabike that he scored over 95% during the vetting and group study process to secure the party ticket for the Makindye East MP seat.

The flag was given to Mabike’s contender, Fred Nyeko whom the Committee says scored 78%.

During an interview with one of the local media houses, Mabike claimed that he scored 45/50 at the vetting committee session and 48/50 from the group study, giving him an upper hand of getting the ticket.

Mabike also blamed the party secretary General, David Lewis Rubongoya, for dictating on who gets the card especially in the central region.

“We shall not leave NUP to die and just run away from Bobi Wine when we know the major problem disturbing the party and that is the said Secretary General,” he said.

However, in a statement that that NUP released on Sunday, Mercy Walukamba, the NUP-EMC Chairperson said that Mabike scored lower than his competitor.

“Ordinarily, we don’t release candidates’ scores to the public, however, given his continuous statements intended to discredit our process, we hereby clarify that Mabike scored 22/50 before the vetting Committee and 37/50 from the group study totaling to 59%,” Walukamba said in the statement.

She added, “His competitor, who secured the card, scored 78%.”


Walukamba further noted that the Secretary General, whom Mabike is accusing of dictating the vetting process, just received the results from the committee for consideration by the Executive Board.

“The original forms showing the marks which each candidate obtained bearing signatures of the Committee members are available. It’s there for not true that his results or those of any other candidate were tampered with,” she added.

She advised all aggrieved candidates to petition the Executive Board for possible redress instead of making noise on media with an aim of looking for public sympathy and tarnishing the name of the Committee.

A number of candidates who did not get the party endorsement have also since accused the committee for being inconsistent, corrupt with elements of favoritism.

This has led to the birth of independent candidates, the latest being the MP of Rubaga North, Moses Kasibante who declared his Independent candidature after losing the ticket to the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Speaker Abubakar Kawalya.


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