NUP Losers Called to Complain Through Right Channels

The head of the National Unity Platform (NUP) Election Appeals Committee Anthony Wameli has today advised members not satisfied with the vetting process for legislative slots to channel their grievances through appropriate channels.

At the beginning of this week, the Party released a catalogue of candidates from the Central and Eastern regions that it intends to field in the forthcoming 2021 Parliamentary elections.

These included; NUP Spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi who was cleared to run for Nakawa west, Aisha Kabanda for Butambala Woman Member of Parliament (MP) and Sam Enyuttu for Kasilo County among many others.

However, the absence of big wigs such as 2011 Presidential Candidate Walter Lubega Mukaaku, Michael Mabikke to mention but a few has since raised a storm.

Many of the discontented members have made pointed statements against Mercy Walukamba’s Election Management Committee which they accused of corruption, favouritism and sectarianism.

However, speaking to Chimp Reports on Thursday, Wameli warned all those aggrieved by the committee to explore all available options other than mudslinging the Party.

“It is very unfair for the party and the movement as a whole to go to social media and begin lambasting and blasting everyone and yet there is an appeal process,” he pointed out.

Just like any other Political Party within Uganda, Wameli explained that there could be loop holes which can be fixed as long as one reaches out to the Election Appeals Committee he heads.


“If such a person has evidence that such a person was aggrandized and they gave someone else a flag, that is enough to overturn the decision of the committee and may be order a revaluation or give the flag to the rightful person,” he elaborated.

While this advice appears welcome, it is apparent that some candidates have already moved on.

During a Guest Appearance on 88.8 Central Broadcasting Corporation (CBS) FM on Wednesday, Rubaga South’s Walter Lubega Mukaaku who lost the slot to Aloysius Mukasa disclosed that it was now up to the people to decide.

“The people of Rubaga understand what to do just like the People of Kyadondo understood what to do when those of Najjanankumbi and DP headquarters had failed to understand,” Mukaaku pointed out.

He claimed that whereas Expression of interest, harmonization and vetting were okay, results were tampered with at the top most level using himself and Joseph Mayanja as an example.

“Those on the harmonization process took the record of Hon Segona, Hon Muwanga Kivumbi and Hon Kalwanga. Tell me among those Aloysius Mukasa, Muggoba Nsonga who has a better track record than Mukaaku. If you talk about education, he has four degrees,” Mukaaku disclosed.

“You saw with my brother Jose Chameleon. He was not given a vetting card but they opted to release it in the press. They asked him if he was a catholic and gave him 3 points and awarded his opponent a Muslim 8points.  Do you want to say that Chameleon doesn’t have supporters?” he stated further.

All said and done, Mukaaku said there could be fundamentally wrong with the vetting process which allegedly was dominated by talk such as “I bought (ticket) mine at 150 million shillings” and so forth.

Whereas NUP is yet to name its Kawempe North flag bearer, Muhammad Segirinya one of the hopefuls disclosed yesterday on Top Radio that he will support anyone who sails through and the Party.

“My main goal is to see transformative change in Uganda. My main goal is to see Robert Kyagulanyi at the helm of Uganda’s Presidency. Whether I am given a position or not, I will remain loyal to my principal Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu,” Segirinya retorted.

Asked whether he is not afraid of losing, Segirinya said that “The word failure can only be found in the dictionary of fools” and as such he is not miffed in any way.

Asked whether the electorate shall be able to distinguish the Party’s Official candidates from their red Bereted independents, Wameli concurred that it is going to be hard but said sooner than later a solution will be found.

“It hurts and it might affect us as NUP but we might not have legal basis to stop them,” he argued.

“But two, it is still a pointer that People Power and NUP are a force to reckon with and everyone wants to identify with them. At the last lap, when for example the campaigns have earnestly started, we shall have those things sorted out,” Wameli summed.

Apparently, it is understood that those who are vying to carry the flag in problematic constituencies such as Kawempe South, Kawempe North, Lubaga North, and Makindye West are being re-evaluated at the Party’s Kamwokya headquarters.

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