NUP is a Registered Version of People Power – Kyagulanyi

Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine, the leader of the People Power Movement and the new president of the National Unity Platform (NUP) has revealed that the NUP party is a registered version of People Power, not a different party.

He made these remarks while unveiling the NUP party membership cards at the party Headquarters in Kamwokya on Tuesday July 28, 2020.

He said that within a short time, people will understand the values of the party as they understood the values of Kyagulanyi in 2017.

“The people of Kyandondo knew Bobi Wine better than Kyagulanyi in 2017. It took us only two weeks to explain to them and they massively voted for Kyagulanyi. The four months is more than enough time to explain to our people that NUP is a registered version of people power,” he said.

He noted that People Power will remain just like Bobi Wine remained.

“NUP is People Power and People Power is NUP, they could not register our People Power as a party, that is why we came in a ‘robadob’ style to register NUP,” he added.

“For those who mocked us that we don’t have a center number, I am assuring you that we have a center number now called National Unity Platform with a symbol of an Umbrella,” Kyagulanyi further explained.

Last week, Kyagulanyi took over as the president of NUP from Moses Kibalama, who formed it in 2004.
Joel Ssenyonyi, the party spokesperson said that People Power had registered over 10,000 members who were concerned on which symbol they shall use in the 2021 polls.


“We answered that question by addressing the issue last week when we unveiled the party,” Ssenyonyi said.


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