Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe Are Safe in Custody – Police

Police has Saturday evening said that members of National Unity Platforms (NUP) Ali Buken commonly known as Nubian Li and Edward Sebuwufu alias Eddie Mutwe are safe in the detention where they are currently held.

Police said this in a statement following pictures of a man who was lying in hospital purported to be Nubian Li.

As evidence, the law enforcement body also released photographs of the two which are said to have been taken today from their custody.

“We would like to refute the false propaganda that photographs of alleged torture, spread on social media are of two suspects namely; Ssebuufu Edward alias Eddie Mutwe and Buken Ali alias Nubian Lee, who are in police custody in Masaka. We believe the accounts of torture are fabricated to taint the image of the forces and also capture media headlines.” Police said

“We would like to disprove these sickening allegations by sharing images of the two suspects, that were obtained today while lifting their fingerprints.”

Lifting finger prints according to Police is a lawful procedure undertaken when suspects are being processed for court and for future criminal record purposes.

Spokesperson Fred Enanga further said that Police remain committed to observing the rights of all suspects, even when in custody.

Meanwhile the Cyber Crime unit has reportedly taken interest in the fake posting and will ensure the culprits are identified and brought to justice.


The duo was arrested recently with 90 others for defying the electoral commission guidelines and Ministry of health standard operating procedures when they decided to escort presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi to the island district which was prohibited.

Reports indicate that they will appear in Masaka court on Monday.

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