NTV’s Sheilah Gashumba Finally Free of Dad’s Curfew

Socialite cum television presenter Sheilah Carol Gashumba could be finally free of curfew at her daddy’s home if recent reports are anything to go by.

Word is that the slender NTV The Beat co-host has finally moved out of her father, Frank Gashumba’s home and is now living independently.

Reports suggest that after moving out of her daddy’s house, Sheilah is now staying at an apartment in Naguru.

However, efforts to get Sheilah’s comment on the development were fruitless as she could not be reached by press time.

This comes barely two months since Sheilah had a misunderstanding with her father that resulted in him throwing a few disciplinary slaps her way.

Later, Gashumba revealed that he would not “tolerate at all” any attempts to interfere in the running of his home.

“No one is going to run my home,” said Gashumba, adding, “At my home there is no democracy because no one elected me to be the father of Sheilah.”

“At home, I set the rules and you must abide by them.”

Sheila Gashumba flanked by her Dad Frank

Gashumba was responding to critics who then took to social media to express disapproval of his decision to slap his daughter.

In September, when ChimpLyf asked him to comment on reports that Sheilah wanted to live an ‘independent life’, Gashumba charged: “That’s a lie. Lies run faster but the truth always prevails. I don’t recall Sheilah telling me she wants to live independently.”

However, that seems to have changed as she has moved out.

The self-styled motivational speaker, Gashumba warned against pampering children, saying the country’s moral fabric rests on good upbringing of young people.

“You give them liberty; give them ice cream and tequila, you will see what you will reap,” he warned.

Gashumba said as a leader of a home, “You chose to live by my rules or quit. If you feel you can’t live in home, go. Even Museveni can’t run my home.”

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