NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe’s Husband Has Another Woman

The story of NTV news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe and her husband Omar Ssali real name Umalu Sigala Ssali is one that keeps on giving.

Just a day after ChimpLfy reported that Ssali is wanted by police after becoming a suspect/subject of interest in a police and court case originating from a defamatory Facebook post made his wife Nakazibwe attacking former Bukedde TV Mini Buzz presenter Justine Nameere.

NTV News Anchor Faridah Nakazibwe

New info reaching ChimpLyf desks is that Nakazibwe’s man has another woman.

The other babe has been identified as Shabra Nanyondo, the mother of his son. Reports indicate that much as Ssali is officially married to Nakazibwe, she is still in touch with Shabra and not just because they have a child together.

Shabra is believed to be the woman who was by Ssali’s side through the hustle before he went to Qatar where he is believed to be working as a security guard contracted to Iskan Contractors Company Limited.

Currently, Shabra stays in Lugula, Masanafu with her brother, a one Hamza, working with Romi’s Wine as a driver.

Omar Ssali with Faridah Nakazibwe

Not much is known about Ssali except the fact that he studied from Senta College in Mbarara and that he is Nakazibwe’s husband.

A story is told of how Ssali tells people tells people that the loaded owners of Global buses are his parents but when our reporter contacted Global bus management they laughed off the claims saying, “Umalu Ssali was working for Global buses as a conductor before he went for Kyeyo, he used to use it as a way of getting girlfriends by telling them the owners of Global buses are his parents, we thought he had out grown that. Anyway we are busy, bye.”


ChimpLyf got information from officers at Kira Road Police station that Ssali has been summoned a number of times but is yet to appear.

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