Ntungamo: Schools’ Poor Performance Blamed on Student Swapping

Private schools in Ntungamo district have been accused of contributing to the poor academic performance there; by promoting the practice of snatching brighter students in candidate classes in order to registers better performance in final exams.

Officials in the district say head teachers of private schools are in the habit of “poaching brighter student from government schools, in their final year, while the less intelligent ones are pushed to government schools.

The concerns came out following the poor performance in district the Mock exams.

A total of 497 pupils in Ntungamo failed the P7 Mocks.

According to the results released by the district’s education department, of the 9655 pupils that sat  the exams, 639 came in division one, 3181 in division two, 2625 in division three , 497 in division U, 120 did not complete the exams.

Ntungamo district education officer Odo Arigye attributed the failure to the head teachers in private schools.

He revealed that his office had been reliably informed about the vice mainly by private schools who would want to portray themselves as good performers.

This, he said is demoralizing on the side of the pupils who are sent to government schools on account of their “low intelligence.”


Johnson Muhinda, the chairperson of the head teachers association in Ntungamo district says that the concerns raised by the authorities are genuine and hat the association is working address them.

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