Ntungamo Resolves To Depot Rwanda Nationals Over Illegal Entry

Authorities in Ntungamo have announced that all Rwandans working as casual labourers in the district without the necessary documentation will be deported.

According to the Resident District Commissioner, Mr George Bakunda, the district security committee made the resolution after establishing that many have become a source of insecurity in the district.

“We have resolved to register all citizens in the district at LC I level. We found out that at many instances people causing insecurity are illegal immigrants from Rwanda who are employed at households as casual laborers,” Mr Bakunda said at district budget conference on Tuesday.

He added: “We shall search homes employing these immigrants and those found without working permits and proper migration documents shall be arrested and deported back.”

Several Rwandan women work in major trading centers in the district as waitresses in bars and hotels.

The RDC said there is an increase in cattle theft and murders, which he said are caused by unknown people as well as laborers who cross the Rwandan border illegally.

At least 15 people have since 2015 been killed by casual laborers in sub counties of Ngoma, Rubaare, Kayonza, Rweikiniro and Ruhaama with the killers fleeing back to Rwanda, Mr Bakunda said.

He said village chairpersons shall be tasked to record all residents and report any suspicion and new people in such villages.


Mr Bakunda said they will soon start training local council courts to handle conflicts at local level especially those resulting from land and family property sharing that have caused his office to be like a court.

For the last few years, Uganda and Rwanda have been bickering over unfulfilled commitments in the joint implementation of the infrastructure projects especially the standard gauge railway, internet cable infrastructure and power lines.

Rwanda accuses Uganda of harboring and facilitating movement of rebels loyal to dissident General Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa, claims Kampala has dismissed as baseless.

The rebels are reportedly receiving military training in Minembwe, South Kivu, DRC.

On the hand, Uganda security services have previously arrested dozens of Rwandans suspected of engaging in acts of espionage and forming cells to destabilize the country.






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