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NTUNGAMO: Police Officer Shoots Self in the Head

Police in Ntungamo is investigating an incident of suicide by shooting in which an officer ended his life in a grisly manner.

According to the law enforcement body, this happened Thursday morning at around 6am in the district Police barracks.

The deceased has been identified as number 54536 PC.  Ben Langoya, 34, attached to FFU Ntungamo.

In a statement, it is said that the officer was found in a sitting position leaning against the wall with a deep gunshot wound on the head and a lot of blood on the floor.

“He had a riffle SMG UG POL.56581525032540 placed on his chest with one bullet in the chamber and a magazine containing 20 bullets,” authorities said.

Also one bullet was found lying on the floor and a cartridge was recovered.

The scene has been visited by DPC Ntungamo SP. Damian Katwesime, District CID Officer ASP. Godes Twinamatsiko and a team of SOCOs.

The body has been taken to Itojo Hospital Mortuary for examination.


After thorough observation, police said that it was also noticed that the deceased is likely to have placed the gun muzzle in the mouth before shooting himself.

Additional statements have also been recorded from witnesses who include his son and the neighbors who heard the gun shot.

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