Shock as Mbabazi, Museveni Supporters Fight in Ntungamo

The Chief of Defense Forces, viagra sale Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala and prominent political leaders on Sunday thronged the home of deceased Bukomansimbi Woman Member of Parliament Susan Namaganda who passed away on Friday.

Namaganda died from the Intensive Care Unit at Kampala International Hospital where she was rushed after she was involved in an accident along Masaka-Kampala highway.

Today, Gen Wamala and several politicians, relatives and friends gathered at the home of the deceased who was also wife to the East African Legislative Assembly member, Mukasa Fred Mbidde at Lukuli, Nanganda in Makyindye to pay their respects.

General Wamala described the death of MP as a loss to everyone in the country. He termed the deceased as a young and vibrant politician who was only at the start of her promising career.

“This loss doesn’t belong to a particular person; it is for all of us as a country. We lost a powerful politician and my condolences go to her family and the people she was representing,” he said.

Addressing mourners, Mpuga said the late Namaganda was a committed legislator who loved her work and her country.

The body of Namaganda is tomorrow expected to be taken to Parliament to be laid in State before it is taken to Masaka for burial.

Fierce fighting erupted Sunday evening between supporters of Presidential candidates Yoweri Museveni and Hon Amama Mbabazi in the western Ntungamo district.


The fighting broke out moments after  Hon Mbabazi addressed a rally in Ntungamo town where a group of youths donning President Museveni’s campaign T shirts had gathered with the aim of disrupting his rallies in the district.

Ntungamo is where hails President Museveni’s wife Janet Kataha.

A number of youths donning President Museveni's campaign t shirts were injured in the scuffle
A number of youths donning President Museveni’s campaign t shirts were injured in the scuffle

According reports from the town, cialis 40mg Mbabazi upon finishing his rally, the NRM supporters who were waiting for him along the road tried to charge at his convoy, hurling a stone at his vehicle in the process.

The group which was being guarded by a few anti-riot police officers, had earlier on tried to shout the candidate down while he addressed supporters and led a procession through the town.

In retaliation, Mbabazi’s security was joined by a number of his youthful supporters in the township who pounced on the NRM youths and beat them up remorselessly.

Police which was guarding the NRM youths could not do much to save them
Police which was guarding the NRM youths could not do much to save them

It is said that a number of people were critically injured in the scuffle, several of whom have been hospitalized.

Ntungamo Police boss Baker Kawoonawo said the law enforcement body swung into action to “separate the two antagonistic camps and prevent bloodshed.” He said police would ensure perpetrators of the violence “face the law accordingly.”

The development is only part of a series of incidents in which NRM supporters have been reported interfering with Hon Amama Mbabazi’s campaigns in different parts of the country.

The campaign sabotage strategy is reportedly spearheaded by NRM Gen Henry Tumukunde
The campaign sabotage strategy is reportedly spearheaded by NRM Gen Henry Tumukunde

The strategy which is apparently being spearheaded by Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde, involves distribution of President Yoweri Museveni’s campaign materials to areas where Mr Mbabazi’s rallies are scheduled for the day.

Go Forward campaign coordinator for Kigezi region Mr Mugasira Jackson was quoted by media as justifying the ugly scenes in Ntungamo, “We have been provoked for long and we had to respond in earnest.”

The former Prime Minister has severally called for the Independent Electoral Commission to weigh in on the ruling party, which it has done through several warnings to the candidates.

Speaking at a joint breakfast meeting with media executives in Kampala last month, police boss Gen Kale Kayihura said Mbabazi was using “disgraced former army officials for private security and beating up police officers.”

He added: “One of Mbabazi’s guards was dismissed from Special Forces Group over indiscipline. He then went for training in Afghanistan with some groups. How can a prospective leader use such people?”

At a press conference last week, joint security chiefs warned presidential candidates against sowing seeds of anarchy. Chief of Defence Forces Gen Katumba Wamala said the army would work closely with police to maintain law and order during the election season.


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