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Ntagali: Why I Stormed Out of Canterbury Meeting

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, click the Most Rev Stanley Ntagali has defended his decision to storm out of the world archbishops meeting early this week.

His Grace Ntagali on Thursday stormed out of a meeting summoned by the Archbishop of Canterbury, adiposity England Justin Welby citing the failure by the meeting to address long standing issues of sexuality within the Anglican Church.

Addressing journalists shortly after his return at Entebbe airport, viagra His Grace Ntagali said the problem stems back in 2003 when the Episcopal Church of the US consecrated as bishop, Gene Robinson, a divorced father of 2 who was by then living in a same sex relationship which he noted should not have been tolerated by the church.

“This was a violation of the Bible and our Anglican tradition. Unfortunately, neither the Archbishop of Canterbury nor any of the other structures of the Anglican Communion were able to discipline the Episcopal Church USA,” he said.

“That meant that the Anglican Communion had become like the time in the Book of Judges when God’s judgment was upon the people of God because it says, “Everyone did what was right in their own eyes.” Even the Anglican Church of Canada has allowed the blessing of same-sex unions in their church.”

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda said they had since then broken ties with the Episcopal Church USA along with many other Global South Provinces of the Anglican Communion adding they had hoped that the meeting would restore godly order to the Anglican Communion and re-establish the Bible as the authority for faith and morals.

He revealed,” On the second day of the meeting, I moved a resolution to ask the Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada to voluntarily withdraw from all Anglican Communion groups. I was aggrieved to see that the Archbishop of Canterbury, who was chairing the meeting, did not take my resolution seriously and simply moved on to another matter without ever allowing any discussion on it.”

Archbishop Ntagali said that he realized the process would not allow them accomplish the purpose for which they had gathered and decided to quit.


“Our commitment as the Church of Uganda is that we would not participate in any meetings of the Anglican Communion until godly order has been restored. Therefore, I felt it necessary to withdraw from the meeting and stand firm for the convictions of the Church of Uganda and the people of Uganda.”

He however said other Archbishops stayed in the meeting and by Thursday had passed a resolution suspending The Episcopal Church of USA from representing the Anglican Communion in interfaith and ecumenical dialogues plus stopping it from voting in meetings where issues of doctrine and polity were being discussed but said this was not enough form of disciplinary action.

He lashed at the meeting for not re-establishing godly order in the Anglican Church because the Church of USA would still attend other meetings and continue influencing others in their ‘unbiblical positions’.

“I want to assure all Ugandans that the Church of Uganda is still a member of the Anglican Communion. I withdrew from the meeting, but we have not withdrawn from the Anglican Communion. The Church of Uganda is committed to living under the authority of the Word of God and proclaiming the God who so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that all you believe in him may not perish but have everlasting life.”

Archbishop Ntagali was on return welcomed by hundreds of believers who gathered at Entebbe Airport, St. Mark’s Church in Entebbe, and Namirembe Hill.

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