Ntagali: United Nation’s Pro-Promiscuity Agenda Penetrating Uganda

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali has advised Ugandans to continue to speak out against all the ways the UN’s pro-promiscuity, pro-gay, and pro-abortion sexual agenda is trying to infiltrate Uganda, both through re-writing government policies as well as through UN-funded NGO’s.

He added that Ugandans are opposed to incorporating their programme on Comprehensive Sexuality Education into Uganda’s national curriculum.

“We fully support UJCC’s efforts to intervene on this matter,” he said.

In his Christmas letter to the nation, the Archbishop urged parents and other adult relatives to stop being greedy and abolish witchcraft that puts children at risk.

“Too many parents and other adult relatives are so greedy that they go to the shrine and engage in witchcraft that puts children at risk and, even worse, causes children to be sacrificed. This must stop!”

“Faced with all these and many more challenges the theme for the Year of Children will be “Take Care of this Child.” (Exodus 2:9) As the Church we want put the improved welfare of children at the centre of every ministry so that every child is given an opportunity to grow and excel,” he said.

He noted that many children suffer because of bad decisions by their parents.

“We want to challenge parents to give more time to their children. There are many children who are left on their own or often in the care of maids and teachers. Parents have abdicated to others their God-given role of raising children.”


He said children who grow up watching a drunk parent or abusive parents continue the cycle of violence and abuse.

He also said Children who are traumatized after death of a parent and get mistreated or abused by the step-parent and, at times, relatives.

He said that many children go to school on an empty stomach and end up facing the wrath of teachers for performing poorly simply because they couldn’t concentrate because of hunger.

The Archbishop noted that there are many cases of defilement that go unreported because many adults prefer to  keep it a secret so as not to bring shame on the family.

“This is very bad because it further victimizes the child who has already been a victim of defilement. “

He said many youth and teenagers, who face physical changes in their bodies, receive guidance too little or too late on how to honor God with their bodies; they end up in teenage pregnancies, early marriages, and victims of homosexual predators.

“In the end, we are perpetuating poverty and not breaking the dysfunctional dynamics of generational sin in our families,” he said.

The Ntagali  wished everyone a happy Christmas and advised Christians to cherish the name of the Lord in everything that they do.

“I’m reaching out to you today to wish you a very happy Christmas. In the midst of all your final preparations of shopping and cooking, please take time to remember Jesus, who is the reason for this season.”



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