NSEREKO: New Constituencies to Amplify NRM Leverage at Parliament

The Kampala Central Member of Parliament, Mohamed Nsereko has said the creation of new constituencies is meant to provide the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) with more significant advantage on the floor of Parliament.

Parliament on Thursday endorsed the creation of 47 new constituencies, recently established by the Cabinet.

Nsereko, in a statement on Sunday morning, said the establishment of new constituencies, to be represented in the next Parliament, is no longer about representation but a deliberate political move.

“Call it whatever you want but the creation of 47 constituencies is just madness that is well calculated to create an abnormal majority in the 11th parliament,” said Nsereko.

The legislator noted that the move will adversely affect governance since the ruling party will have an unfair majority in Parliament.

“I normally tell people that the strength of governance lies in Parliament. 47 new constituencies will only give the ruling party an unfair majority,” he noted.

“Some people think rigging is only ballot stuffing or bribery. Gerrymandering is the highest form of rigging an election and we shall soon prove that,” he added.

Nsereko said those who oppose the government in Parliament will have an added difficult task to raise 180 numbers to stop the passing of any unwanted amendment or law from the previous 150.


“From now onwards we shall need at least 180 Members of Parliament to deny the ruling party any sound majority in the next parliament,” he said.

He repeated what he said on the floor of Parliament on Thursday that the financial burden is on the people of Kampala, who are the highest taxpayers and unfortunately not the beneficiaries of new constituencies.

“In short, my people in Kampala must pay more taxes to sustain the new constituencies. This is unacceptable,” he concluded.

Among the new counties approved by parliament are; Kapir, Butiru, Kyoga North, Bokora East, Napore West, Mawogola West, Otuke East, Ruhama East, Isingiro West, T’oo county, Ochero, Soi county, Namisindwa, Gweri, Pingire, Bunghoko Central, Aringa East, Kyaka Central, Ruhinda South, Bushigai, Gogonyo, Busiki North, West Budama North East, Maruzi North, Dodoth North, Rwampara East, Buhaguzi East, Nwoya East, Namayengo South, Elgon North and Samia-Bugwe South.

Others are Kiboga West, Buhweju West, Bugangaizi South, Chkwi East, Bulandacounty , Kwania North, Kagoma North, Buwekula South, Buyanja East, Ngariam, Agago West, Bukanga North, Bukimbiri and Nakaseke Central.

The country will now have 353 county MPs, 134 district women members of parliament and 10 women members of parliament from the new cities summing to 497 MPs.


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