NRM’s Mugenyi Takes Lead in Hoima Woman MP Polls

Harriet Mugenyi Businge, the ruling NRM party candidate for Hoima District Woman MP seat, is set to win today’s election, preliminary results show.

Mugenyi is leading in many rural areas, a situation that has given her an edge over FDC rival Asinasi Nyakato.

For example results from Buseruka, Kabaale, Buhanika, Kisukuma and Bombo shows Mugenyi leading with about 55 percent of the totalled results from most of the polling stations.

However, Nyakato defeated Mugenyi in Mparo, Kahoora and Bujumbura.

Electoral Commission Spokesperson Jotham Taremwa said the electoral body was still rallying the votes.

“We urge patience among all stakeholders,” he said on Thursday night, adding, “As soon as results are ready, we will share them.”

Key Observations

Electoral observes CCEDU today said the Electoral Commission dispatched polling materials to the 17 Sub Counties that make up Hoima district between 4:00am and 7:15am, on 26th September 2019.

“Electoral materials arrived at over 70% of the polling stations observed in time to allow for the commencement of polling at 7:00am (the official time for commencement of polling),” said CCEDU Coordinator Crispin Kaheru.

Observers said EC faced a shortage of vehicles to deliver polling materials to all Sub Counties in time to allow for the commencement of voting at 7:00am;

CCEDU noted that polling stations had presence of candidate’ agents (National Resistance Movement and Forum for Democratic Change) and that political party/candidate’ agents arrived at almost 80% of the polling stations before 7:00am. 

Each of the candidates’ agents had a copy of the voters’ register and agents appeared to be vigilant and well trained about their roles.

Voting Process

CCEDU reported that the voting process was generally orderly and appeared to be well understood by the voters.

Polling staff assisted voters that required clarity on the procedure and process. In at least 60% of the polling stations, priority was given to the aged, pregnant women, voters with infants and persons with disabilities.

In accordance with election regulations, voters who required assistance were also allowed to vote with assistance from a person of their choice, according to CCEDU.

Observers further noted the presence of uniformed security personnel during the by-election.

“The role of security on the polling day was largely limited to escorting electoral materials to polling stations as well as patrolling in the 17 Sub Counties of Hoima District,” said Kaheru.

Polling Constables were also present at all the polling stations observed.

Whereas there was tension reported in Kabaale Sub County due to arrests of the opposition candidate’s agents, CCEDU EOM noted that polling in that area proceeded without interruption or any major incidents;

Voter Turnout

The CCEDU EOM noted low voter participation in the morning hours of the polling day.

Voter participation however increased in the afternoon at most of the polling stations visited.

Most polling stations closed on time (4:00pm) without voters in the queue.

The Independent observers said counting commenced immediately at almost all polling stations and that the process at polling stations was “transparent, open and in compliance with the electoral procedures and regulations.”

CCEDU said upon completion of counting and declaration of results at polling stations, polling materials were dispatched to the Hoima District Tally Center at the Office of the Returning Officer, Kijungu Cell, Kahoora Division, Hoima Municipality.

“The CCEDU EOM observed that the Election Day was largely well administered. The September 26th 2019 Hoima District Woman MP by-election was conducted in compliance with the legal framework of the Republic of Uganda and in line with international obligations,” said Kaheru.

“Not withstanding a few incidents, the by-election was largely conducted in a manner that allowed the people of Hoima district to express their will, freely at the poll.”

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