NRM’s Dr. Omona Cautions Student Leaders against Quick Wealth

The NRM Deputy National Treasurer, Dr. Omona Kenneth has cautioned student leaders against quick acquisition of wealth without work.

Omona was addressing student leaders from Eastern Uganda at the Dutch farm in the outskirts of Mbale town last week.

Student leaders from 32 Institutions of higher learning in Eastern Uganda that included universities other and tertiary institutions participated in the activity.

He stated that every generation has a duty to self and the entire nation.

“The generation before you (students) fought for self-determination and later for total liberation from post-colonial disorder and state failure caused by the then post-colonial political managers. We are now at the stage of national development where everyone must play their roles; young or old, rich or poor in building socio economic transformation,” said Omona.

Omona emphasized that the NRM is a revolutionary journey whose continuous success calls for responsible citizenship and patriotic leaders of good character.

He urged the young leaders to shun, oppose and reject the unpatriotic tendencies like corruption, sectarianism, nepotism, discrimination against the vulnerable people in society, greed and race for quick wealth, which according to him, NRM has always resisted.

The Deputy Treasurer acknowledged the emergence of “Mafuta mingi” and its adverse effects on discipline in the ruling party and the government civil service.


“How do you wake up one morning and someone who has never done much is a billionaire and living large?” he wondered.

“Wealth is a product of work and time, and everyone who claims to be a cadre must know this,” he added.

The student leaders from the four sub-regions of Busoga, Bukedi, Elgon and Teso welcomed the initiative of ideological engagement and requested for more meetings of the kind that will help give direction to the future leaders.

Omona appealed to students to work with the NRM Administrative Secretaries in Mbale, Kumi, Soroti as their point of contact for further related activities.

He also promised to organize a more elaborate engagement with the students and to involve the entire leadership of NRM National Secretariat and other cadres of the movement for mentorship.

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