NRM Youths Petition Museveni on ‘Allowing All Adults to Run for President’

Ruling National Residence Movement youths are calling for a national debate on the contentious amendment of Article 102 to remove the maximum age of Presidential Candidates.

The group of NRM youths want among others, the clause revised to allow all Ugandans who are 18years and above to be allowed to run for the country’s highest office.

Currently only Ugandans between 35 and 75 years qualify to contest for President.

Phoebe Namulindwa, the youth group leader, today ready out their resolutions at a press conference in Kampala, which she said will be submitted to the President and Chairman of the NRM Yoweri Museveni and the party leadership bodies.

Among others, the youth group resolved that the NRM leaders should “initiate wide consultation of its embers to determine whether any Ugandan who is 18 years and as such not a child…should be disqualified from being President of Uganda.”

Terming President Yoweri Museveni as NRM’s “best candidate,” Namulindwa says the party should task its leaders to remind the population that he “founded the NRM and led it from victory to victory for more than 5 decades.”

The group also emphasize that it is their duty is to maintain political power and that they need to explain the achievements of NRM to the population and reminds the people of the pledges it has made to them.

These resolutions, she says, will be presented to NRM Chairman Yoweri Museveni, the Secretary General, the National Executive Council and the Central Executive Committee “to generate consensus and advise NRM Caucus members of Parliament.”

The group bases its resolutions on reports that some MPs have been getting threats concerning the constitutional amendment.

These claim the opposition parties are behind these “unlawful acts of blackmail and intimation of elected members of parliament.”

While it remains unclear whether or not and when the amendment of Article 102 will be introduced before parliament, government has denied existence of such plans.

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