NRM Youths Launch Village Based Mobilization Campaign for Museveni

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party youths have launched a youth led, village based mobilization campaign for NRM presidential candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni ahead of January 14th presidential polls.

Launching the mobilization campaign at NRM Secretariat in Kampala on Tuesday, the National chairman NRM Youth League, Gaddafi Nassur, said that mobilization is going to strictly be village based to lessen the spread of  COVID-19.

He emphasized that NRM youths are not allowed to mobilize in villages where they do not reside.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the mobilization is going to be a village based campaign because we believe, people in the villages will be able to mobilize their fellow villagers. We are really cautioning our young people not to crossover from one village to another. We want you to be in your own village. Go and mobilise because the NRM is a village based party,” Nassur said.

Jacob Eyeru, the National chairman of NRM National Youth Council said that the NRM message for young people from NRM manifesto has been condensed in a booklet that will be taken to every village in this country for purposes of clarifying to young people what NRM has promised to do for them in the next five years.

Eyeru said that mobilization will be smoothly conducted because the party already has a huge number of members at the village level.

“We are going to every village to do a peer to peer based mobilization strategy. In every village in this country, the NRM is the only party that fielded 9 flag bearers in the village youth council elections, that has 5 youth league executive members and had 9 flag bearers for the outgoing youth council. So, in every village in this country, the NRM already has 23 youth members,” he said.

The 23 youths, Eyeru said, will lead the mobilization of their fellow youths in their villages.


The challenges faced by youths in this country, he pointed out, are appreciated by NRM leadership and added that that constituted the drafting of the NRM manifesto.

“This NRM manifesto had the input of multiple players and it pivoted itself mainly on jobs and wealth creation which is targeting the majority of the youth population in this country. The biggest problem of unemployment among youths is addressed by the NRM manifesto,” he said.

Since many youths in Uganda have never witnessed any war, Eyeru said, young people at village level will be sensitized on how to maintain peace.

Uganda will go to the polls on January 14, 2021 to elect the next president.

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