NRM Youth Leader Fires Back at Museveni

The Chairman NRM Youth League for Sembabule district, David Kabanda has candidly responded to President Museveni’s article on by elections.

On Friday, Museveni penned an article accusing the media including the government owned New Vision, for side-lining the NRM party in all by election reporting. In the dossier, the President implied that youths in leadership is not the solution to Uganda’s problem, but with with good ideology.

Kabanda in a letter to the President titled “Biology and Ideology,” stated that Museveni is responsible for many things happening in the country and NRM ideology rhetoric is not genuine.

The letter in full 


The reasons why we have by elections since two years ago was because of unfair and bad elections that took place in 2016? Up today it still affects our tax payers money and more are coming.

My question to you Mr. President is? Do you still enjoy the 1993 goodwill of the movement (CA) to the NRM of today.

Movement and NRMO has proved to Ugandans on how it has failed to close the corruption gap, the Byakutaga’s still exist, BOU has a case to answer. Is that the ideology we the youth are learning?

The youth population grew unplanned and today it’s a problem to the system since the majority are learnt but unemployed with poor education system since colonial times. In the “ideology regime” the system allocates budget money to the sector but teachers stay unpaid and underpaid, it’s a household budget.

Mr. President the ideology of most NRM  leaders listen more to big bank accounts and bribes. In 2016 elections you called youth district leaders at your Ntungamo country home and gave them Shs 500,000 each; was that ideology or biology?

The RDC’s are the most underpaid while supervising billions of shillings in districts which has turned most of them to business people in their districts of attachments.

Always be thankful to Mr. Obote for appointing you a Junior Minister in the early 80’s he ushered you to real politics and governance in public service unlike youths of today who are looked at as  greedy to join politics. Mr President what took you to luwero bushes exit today, police brutality( SRB of then) corruption and injustice of citizens today.

Those are the reforms as youth would need your government to put in place unlike Age Limit amendment which makes you the Amin of today.

We know you are so much disturbed by the recent by election in Kyandodo and Mr Kyagulanyi’s populism that you bypassed in Ziroobwe, be ready to receive what you don’t want to expect if you don’t fairly play towards youth today.

We need to thank Mr. Kabushenga for competence, boldness towards producing objective news and good sales to this government, he is competing with favourites like Red Pepper and Monitor, online news mainly ChimpReports has taken over the business and influence print media previously enjoyed. So whatever Kabushenga has done is good for this nation since we are in a competitive world.

Obote, Amin, Muteesa had both ideology and biology; infrastructure was in place, Uganda was called pearl of Africa because of its tourism, Mr President you are renovating & rehabilitating roads, hospitals, Parliament, Bank of Uganda and all State House Lodges built by Obote which was real ideology then, though we recommend you for the other constructions done.

Obote built Uganda House 40 years ago and today it can produce six MPs. That was ideology unlike NRM which sits and Caucuses in Obote’s constructed State House.

Lastly according to your letter, your focus was on the youth which showed the youth of this generation aren’t ideologically oriented like those biologist of the 1950-79.

The whole of this letter was what Banyakole call “Okutsyorora, okugayana, nokuregyezana towards the youths. If I can compare you at 23 years while an  activist with the Kyibazo in Kibuye and today’s Bobi Wine at 35 years with his Ghetto youth are in Parliament, given 10 years from today he may be a President like you at 45 years.

NRM ideology has to include and prepare the youth without discriminating.

Lastly you were close to Nyerere at 27 years today identify to Ugandans who is your closest youth in this country that you sit and discuss with ideology like you used to do with Mwalimu.

What do you mean by the NRM ideology?   You said you founded the NRM ideology with Abbas Kibazo, Ahmed Kibuye, Zubair Bakar etc but where are their children? Why didn’t the children of these people embrace the NRM ideology?

You have no moral authority Mr. President  to undermine  Bobi Wine. You should instead be grateful since Bobi has appointed the son of Abbas Kibazo as his personal assistant.

For the last 31 years, you hasn’t provided these people with gainful employment.

You further accused young people of being biological objects without ideology. How can they prove that they have ideology when he can’t give them an opportunity to serve.

We appreciate your guidance maximally but leaders are chosen by God!  God chose you and he will choose another one when time comes.


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